How does the Starbucks of

3. How does the Starbucks of 2002 differ from Starbucks of 1992?Ans: Around 50% of the sales in 1992 was from the sale of the whole bean coffee, whereas in 2002, 77% of the sales were from the beverages in general. Starbucks in 1992 had only 140 stores in total, whereas in 2002, the number of stores were increased, which constituted to more than 5000 stores across the whole world. The process of Starbucks in 1992 was simple, whereas the process of Starbucks in 2002 was more complex.

The reason behind this was the addition of various new products in the menu.Customer demographics was changed in 2002, as earlier only well educated and high income group of people visited the place, but after 2002, there was an another group of people who were frequently visiting Starbucks, younger and lower income group.In 1992, there were few drink combinations which resulted to fewer beverages.

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But in 2002, due to addition of new products, there were many drink combinations which resulted to too many bevarages.


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