? HRD Department and the concerned heads of

? At Aroma Agrico (P) Ltd. new recruits are provided orientation, induction, training and placement so as to make them to perform the task and to inculcate a high sense of organizational loyalty.
? The HRD Department and the concerned heads of parent departments prepare a well-structured Induction Program to acquaint the new recruits with the people, organizational structure, and interface between different departments, functions and culture of the organization.
? The Induction Program is formulated to suit the position of the candidate and necessary to be provided to him.


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? At Aroma Agrico (P) Ltd. facilities are provided for overall development of individuals through lateral mobility. This can improve their employability as well as prepare them to carry higher responsibilities.
? Organized Job Rotation from time to time can have a positive effect on the individual as well as the organization.
? All promotions to the level of HODs will be considered only when an individual has undergone rotation through at least 2 sections.


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