-322580264160Gujarat Sr.No. Name Enrollment No. 1. Chisla

-322580264160Gujarat Technological University Faculty of Engineering Technology & ResearchAProject ReportOnRain EnergyUnder subject ofDESIGN ENGINEERING – IB.

E. II, Semester – IIIChemical Engineering BranchSubmitted by:Group:Sr.No.

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Name Enrollment No.1. Chisla Ignesh 1708401050072.

Keyur Chodvadia 1708401050083. Gajjar Abhishek 1708401050134. Gheewala Zenil 1708401050145 . Parekh Manisha 170840105027Mrs. Divya O. Tirva(Faculty Guide)Mr. J.

M. BaradHead of the Department(Chemical Department)Academic year (2018-2019)TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTERS PAGE NO.ABSTRACT ILIST OF FIGURES IILIST OF TABLES IIITABLE OF CONTENTS IV INTRODUCTIONIntroduction to design thinkingImportance of design thinkingTeam buildingLog book and its importance EMPATHY MAPPINGObservation through AEIOU canvas and other methods. Role playingInterview Technique Mind mapping(data analysis)AEIOU summary frame work Empathy mapping canvasSECONDARY RESEARCHNeed of secondary research IDEATION CANVAS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CANVAS CONCLUSIONABSTRACTThis report gives a details information about design thinking using the topic Rain Energy . The main objective of the project is Energy generation from rain as well as Sun light. Our project aims to use of more renewable source of energy and also use it as alternate source of energy.

This report includes the AEIOU summary canvas, empathy canvas, ideation canvas and product development canvas. The summary canvas gives information about the environment, activities carried in energy production. The ideation canvas includes the situations and the objects and also location of use. The empathy canvas include happy and sad story which gives the advantages & disadvantages of the system. The product development canvas gives introduction to the purpose of product development, product experience, features etc. here, product is a system which is developed and their disadvantages are solved.This report includes the objectives of design thinking, importance of design thinking, importance of log-book. It include mind mapping, secondary research towards problem definition.

IntroductionINTRODUCTION TO DESIGN THINKINGDesign thinking is a problem solving methodology with Human Centered approach. It is cyclic process with various phases but includes lots of iterations at each phase. It is Human centered, iterative, collaborative and experimental process.

IMPORTANCE OF DESIGN THINKINGDesign thinking is generally defined as an analytic and creative process that engages a person in opportunities to experiment, create and prototype models, gather feedback, redesign. Several characteristics (e.g., visualization, creativity) that a good design thinker should possess have been identified from the literature. The primary purpose of this article is to summarize and synthesize the research on design thinking to (a) better understand its characteristics and processes, as well as the differences between novice and expert design thinkers, and (b) apply the findings from the literature regarding the application of design thinking to our educational system.

The authors’ overarching goal is to identify the features and characteristics of design thinking and discuss its importance in promoting students’ problem-solving skills in the 21st century.1.3:TEAM BUILDINGOur team members are Chisla Ignesh , Keyur Chodvadia , Gajjar Abhishek, Gheewala Zenil, Parekh Manisha. All members are studying in BE 2nd year chemical engineering departments.Chisla Ignesh: He Active group leader. He has good thinking skills.He is really passionate about techanical innovations.

He brings in creative ideas to do tasks differently and effectively.Keyur Chodvadia: He is an active member of our group. Has practical approach over every aspect to deal with. He take all responsibility of group.Gajjar Abhishek: Agile member of our group. Pursue wide knowledge about trending changes around the world. Takes up tasks given sincerely.Gheewala Zenil: He fights for him point to be correct.

He Have a good sense of humour .and He always ready for all task. He always work hard.Parekh Manisha: She have a Very good sense of humour. She is an active group member.

Full of new ideas to be implanted.LOG BOOK AND ITS IMPORTANCEA log book (or a simple book) is a record of an important events in the management, operation and navigation over project .The logbook enables us for work to be repeated for re-evaluation of the reported result. The steps that lead to success or failure of large project can be extracted. This exercise will ensure to some extent the novelty of idea as well as enables us to understand ongoing work in the field and relevant to over work.

2.EMPATHY MAPPING2.1 Observation through AEIOU and other methods.Interview techniques shows the type of questions that are asked for knowing the system thoroughly. The question can be related to the system or about the domain area of the system.

Knowing the perfect answer of those question can greatly be beneficial for the system even the known and unknown facts to be implemented on the system which can make the system perfect on its basis.2.2 Role playing OWNER :He is responsible for the success and failure of the company.EMPYLOEE : people working in the production management system.MANUFACTURING PEOPLE : people involved in manufacturing process.GO DOWN OWNERS : they look after the storage of the goods.CUSTOMERS : they are the main users of the manufactured products.2.

3 Interview TechniqueSometimes there are problems faced by the system and its people when it comes to be an active part of the system, which can be the best part to solve all problems related to it, and would result in the best thing. Thus, for the system to be perfect, one must offer many observations. The observations are done by various techniques like questionnaires, interview etc.

After performing the questionnaires round, we get the strong point that what should the system be? What types of products should be added? Which person should be kept active according to the session? What type of modules need changes? How can the authentication be provided to the people? After performing this analysis, we get the only solutions that are to be made active and to be executed.2.4 Mind Mapping(Data analysis).A mindmap is a diagram used to visually organize information.

A mind map often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the center of the blank landscape page, to which associated representation of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added. Major ideas are connected directly to the central concepts, and other ideas branch out from those. A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, helping you to analyze, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas in a constructive way.2.5 AEIOU Summary frame work. 2.

5.1 A – Activities. The activities are designed to give the solution of various problems related to over domain. These activities are goal directed and these are the modes people work in and wants these activities to be carried out properly and efficiently. Activity include :Topic DiscussionLiterature surveyMethod IdentificationsProposed DesignModificationFeasibility Analysis 2.

5.2 E – Environment. Environment refers to the surroundings of the system scenario is : CleanSunnyNonpollutedOpen spaceNoise free2.5.3 I – Interactions.

In this section there are interactions between people who are involved in the process either directly or indirectly.FacultiesGuideEnvironmental Engineerstudentssales personsCommon people 2.5.4 O – Object: What are the objects and devices people have in their environments and how to relate to their activities. Thus, objects are those that are mostly needed for the system.

List of key objects:BooksJournalResearch PaperInternetPiezoelectric TransducerSolar panel2.5.5 U – Users:Users are the people who have to use the system and also whose behavior, preferences, and needs are being observed and mattered. Who is there? What are their roles and relationship? What are their values and prejudices?InstituteCommercialSocietyIndustriescollegesSchoolsLaboratoriesDomestic2.6 Empathy maping canvasThus Empathy Mapping provides the direct introduction to our project.1. This gives the basic idea of area of massive interest of people.

2. The ultimate stakeholders who guide/provide us with financial support and also be the people related to users.3. The story that helped us to serve our purpose and observe the happy and sad happenings around us.4. The activities gave us the area of vision which the observers the peoples activity in their daily lives. 3 Secondary Research:3.1 Need of secondary research.

Secondary research is much needed as it gives the idea of those things that are to be updated and feed in the database and that are to be aborted. After secondary research we try to provide almost all needed function a company may need to make its system effective and efficient.Also all verification work of the production related to quality is done in our system and it also takes measures like making products of ecofriendly4. Ideation canvas.At this stage we will expand our list of activities to list all possible new situations,conditions that users face or may face. Focus on expanding activity list at this stage using ideation canvas.

4.1 People. people involved in the system must have basic knowledge about the equipments. The people can be head of different areas, student eligible for degree, experts, etc.People can be admin/updater of the system. He updates the information given to them by owner.People can be ordinary person of who wants to interact with other people.4.

2 Activities:The activities of the system is being with user i.e. the ordinary person who wants to interact with other person and wants to get information about the product and its making.4.3 Situation/Context/Location:4.

3.1: Situation:There are many situations in which system can be used. Such as when the person of the system wants to interact with other person of the system. Also when one wants to be an active part of the system.

Also it can be used to get information of stock, product and customer’s information, etc.4.3.2 Context: The system contains various information about merchandise, journals, lists, document records, summaries and it also includes the stock reminder for closing stock and total stock information. 4.

3.3 Location:Places where the project can be Used. 4.4 Props/Tools/Equipment/objects:-Now props, tools, equipments are needed to mention. Props include the Devices used in the project for its functioning and to get proper results. 5. Product Development Canvas.

This canvas consists of product development details. They are as follows5.1.1 PurposeThere are some purposes for which we implement our project system.

The purpose are listed below, The main purpose is generate energy by means of renewable source of energies.The purpose of our projectis to utilize free area.5.

1.2 People In Product development canvas we need to specify the key user of our system. The system has following key users. They are :-FacultiesStudentslibrarianEngineers5.1.3 Product Experience:-In this section we write the Experience of a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service.

Another experience of user is user friendly, it means that the user can easily use the project because of its user friendly interface. He/she should feel stress free and can be free from feeling of confusion when it comes to solution of any problem.5.1.4 Product Function:Its function are as follow:All weather operationEnergy storage5.

1.5 Product Features:The features of the project that are very useful to the user and these features are explained below: It operate with high efficiency with less amount of losses.It come with latest advanced cell encapsulationIt is PID resistant.It is more durable.5.

1.6 Product Components: In this section we list out all the components which are used in the project.SunlightRainPiexoelectric TransducerMounting FrameBatter TankPV cellsCharge controllerInverter5.1.

7Customer RevalidationIn customer revalidation we take reviews from all the users who use our Project.5.1. 8 Reject, Redesign, and Retain this section we will give some reason due to which ours project may be malfunctioned or may get reject .


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