Lefebvre compete and productivity because it reflects

Lefebvre (1968) argues that there were scarcity of foods but never having the problem of lacking of space in the past, but the overcrowded more economically developed countries is especially resolved in the larger towns and cities emerge the lack of space in the current era. Space is the word that commonly used in the architecture world, but people normally invalid to realize the different explanation or deeper understanding of space itself (Massey, 1992). In the current age, the class struggle is integrated with space more than ever before (Lefebvre, 1991). The space assigns under class is based on the origin of unequal development in the character of space and the profusion of space for the wealthy and too scarcity for the lower class or poor. Besides, spatial language might be dealing with controversy, compete and productivity because it reflects to the experience and employ of the space (Elden, 2007). Lefebvre (1991) proposes space is shaped by element from natural and history through the political process and it is the ultimate orbit and medium of struggle thus become a crucial political topic.

From all these arguments, it emerges the idea of space as politics or space can be political.  Politics is normally demonstrated as the existence of power. There are two points of view about political, the first view is the existence of human relations organized by power, while the second view is the distinct problematic of negotiating the powers and values of enduring collective (Brown, 2002). Apart from the sense of political power, every architectural work can be treated as a symbol of richness, idealism, power and even the misery of its builders and their contemporaries (Braunfels, 1998). Vale (2008) also indicates every building award a sense of legitimacy to the local authorities who build and use it as well as mirror to the worldview of its builders and users instead of just serving its purpose. The relationship between power and architecture can be reflected to the relationship between politics and space. When it comes to the confluence of space and politics, capital cities capture position of unique implication (Minkenberg, 2014).

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All these capital cities, especially those are clearly designed and built to be capitals, the buildings and public space or square launched by the nation convey an undeniable political relationship. Capital cities are defined as a demand of defending and representing the position of the government and other national institutions. 


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