4.0 the better job, income, skills and also

4.0 ISSUES1) Lack Of EducationEducational is one of the important component to the social and economic development and also give an impact to the population health. Education can create opportunities for better health. An extensive literature has linked education to health outcomes, including mortality, morbidity, health behaviours, and functional limitations. The relationship between lower educational attainment and worse health outcomes occurs throughout the life course. A good educational lead to the better job, income, skills and also opportunities in life. All of this will lead to the healthy lives in the community.

Achieving positive health outcomes in today’s health care environment requires a variety of factors to come together that may be affected by educational attainment and a combination of soft and hard skills. Lack of education will affected to the our routine life. When we did not have enough knowledge and skill, it will be hard for someone to get a better job and it also affect to our life. Usually, people with less education are more likely to work in high-risk occupations with few benefits compare to the people who had higher education. They also risk from safety aspect, long manual working hours, worsening mental health and lower income. It also will make people live in stressful and depression. When they stress, it not only affect to their healthy but also affect to the quality of their job.

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Quality of job decrease, the development of country also will be going down.Lack of education also make people hard to achieve a good attainment of economic resources, such as earnings and wealth, as well social resources such as access to social networks and support. A lower income make people did not get enough basic needs in their life such as clothing, food, a good environment, shelter and other. For example, lower median incomes and lower level of educational attainment get limited source of healthier foods.

They just eat food that they have to continue their live without think about their health. Unhealthy eating habits linked to numerous acute and chronic health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and it will increase the number of mortality.Shelter or houses also important to guarantee the good health in community. The living environment is important to the growth. The lower educational people will neglected the aspect of living environment because they did not afford to buy a good places for living. For example, squatters was the one issues that our country need to face. The environment of this squatters are not suitable especially for children to live there.

This place not safe to live because of the bad cleanliness. They easy to get a health problem. The lower number of facilities at squatters also make the environment not suitable to live there.

Health is a potent cause of job loss and reduction in income. Educational its not only about to get a higher income but it also include good attitude that we practice in our life. Some of people just doing thing without thinking the effect towards their life.

For example, throw up the rubbish not in the right place or dustbin, not responsible to place they live and also never trying to improve themselves. 2) Lack Of Facilities And ServicesLack of the facilities, infrastructure and services affects community wellbeing. Lack of social infrastructure affects community well-being. A number of related social problems are associated with new communities that lack good social infrastructure , including isolation, mental health problems, fear of crime, and issues with community cohesion.An individual’s physical surroundings markedly influence their health.

Environments characterised by poor physical surroundings such as lack of open space, lack of facilities and the dirty environment cause of rubbish are associated with poor health outcomes. In Malaysia, open space not in good condition because of the maintenance. The facilities that was prepared in open space always damaged cause of the vandalism, lack of maintenance and also use in the wrong way. When the open space cannot being use, people hard to do healthy activity like jogging and exercise. It will decrease the healthy level of people and community.Surrounding facilities also important to the people to comfort their life. Access to facilities need to be one of the characteristic to increase the quality in social aspect. For example, when people want to buy home they must taking care about the environment.

They did not choose house that far from the facilities because it will be hard for them to get any of things that they need. Facilities that important in residence is commercial area, telecommunication, school and others.Other than that, the government facilities for healthcare like hospital and clinic sometimes cannot accommodate people at one time. the location of the clinic also not strategic because it far from the settlement. It hard to community to get the services especially if any emergency cases happened. The technology and equipment that already exist in hospital and clinic also cannot accommodate patient that coming to get their services. To get the services, people need to waiting and its wasting the time.

The lack number of employer also give the effect to the services at hospital and clinic.3) External EnvironmentExternal environment is composed of all the outside factors or influences that impact the operation of business. For example, the quality of air, water, and housing conditions. The environment affects our health in a variety of ways such as air pollution or proximity to toxic sites, climate change, and community design and the “built environment” like land use mix, street connectivity, transportation systems.Huge economic development and population growth result in continuing environmental degradation. Intensification of agriculture, industrialization and increasing energy use are the factor that driving forces to the environmental health problems. For countries in the early stages of development the major environmental hazards to health are associated with widespread poverty and severe lack of public infrastructure, such as access to drinking water, sanitation, and lack of health care as well as emerging problems of industrial pollution.

Increasing the number of vehicles one of the big factor that damaged the environment and it also effect people health. The dust and smoke that produce by vehicle decrease the cleanliness of the air. The dirty air will make people easier to get asthma and hard to breath. The development in any of sector give the big impacts to the environmental. For example in industry, the transportation of petrol through pipelines. If there is a leak in the pipeline, soil and water will automatically be polluted. The source of water for daily use will be contaminated and at the same time it effect people when the use the water for cooking, washing and drinking. In agriculture also contribute in soil and water pollution.

It is because, increasing the used of pesticides, as well as by the intensive character of its production. Almost all pesticides are made from chemical substances and the chemical will absorb to the land and flow to the near source of water when raining day. When we want to build residential area, some of plant will be remove by human and it also affect to the wildlife. The construction also pollute the environment with the waste like wood, cement and also noise of the machinery. 4.1 RECOMMENDATION1) Campaign, Talk, Media Social, PosterAll this program is needed especially in public places to realise them about the important of health to ourselves. Interesting media that can attract especially children or student to apply the healthy living. All this program can be as a one of activity at school to implement it in the student life.

The availability of good quality educational facilities within an environment is also important. For example, attending early childhood education is associated with improved childhood development and individuals living in socio-economically marginalised communities are less likely to have access to early childhood education facilities, and are thus less likely to attend and experience the benefits of early childhood education. Children who do not attend early childhood education have also been shown to be at greater risk of maltreatment during childhood.

2) Choose A Suitable JobThe availability of job opportunities within a neighbourhood, community or own house may also affect to the our lifestyle. Working locally means less travel time and associated stress. When the travel time decrease, we have more time for family. Work without stress can give a positive effects on individuals and spill over into the family and affect relationships within it, including the quality of parent-child relationships. Choosing the work that we like to do also can make our environment of work will be the enjoyable moment. The quality and reputation also will increase time by time and income also will be increase.

Always grab opportunities that come to us to improved our life. When the life better through the time, the living, healthcare will increase. All the needed that we need is enough and we can live happily among family and also community. Our health also will in good condition.3) Adding Government Clinic At Strategic LocationThis way is to improve the services. When the branch of clinic become bigger, people can save their time and the services can be good because no need to rushing.

The location of the clinic must be strategic to easier people going there. The access to the clinic must be good to make sure the operation going smoothly. When all the operation going smoothly, the health of people will be good.4) Improve MaintenanceOpen space need to maintain for people to doing their activities. All the facilities need to be in a good condition. Rules each of the facilities need to show to avoid the vandalism. How to use the exercise equipment also need to be near the equipment to easy people read the instruction. If all the facilities in good condition, people who coming to do some activities will felt enjoy and happy.

All the activities will affect their health.5) Control The Development Activities Activities need to be control by the guideline or any action from the authorities. It important to safe our environment from being destroyed.

Penalty or punishment need to give to the people who breaking the rules. Filtering the smoke from the industries sector that can overcome the air pollution. All the waste from the hotel need to filtered before throw to the source of water. Its make to make sure people can use clean water supply everyday. The using of pesticides in agriculture must be control. The pesticides that contain higher chemical cannot be allow to use because it not only effect the environmental but also effect the people.6) Car PoolingCar pooling its not only can save the environmental and people healthy but also can save the money and time. Car pooling can reduce harmful gases like carbon oxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide in environment.

All this gases dangerous to our health. If all people use this method, it means we can decrease congested roads and highways. As more people take part in carpooling programs or organize carpools within their workplaces, overall traffic congestion will decrease, which reduces fuel consumption, commute time, and the cost of road repairs.


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