(a) effective tool to incentivize executives to

(a) Basic payThe basic pay of each senior executive reflects the size and scope of his/her responsibilities and is reviewed annually, based upon individual performance, experience, surveyed competitive data and trends and geographic location of each position as well as the movement of basic pay in the Group.(b) Annual bonus planAnnual bonus targets are set by the Compensation Committee each year after considering the Group’s current business plans. There is a maximum bonus level set each year on such awards, which is equal to twice the target level, and a threshold performance below which no payments are made.(c) Share option plansThe Compensation Committee believes that executive share options are an appropriate element of compensation in order to execute the compensation principles set out above, and are an effective tool to incentivize executives to deliver the long term performance needed to generate strong returns to shareholders.

It is the policy of the Compensation Committee that all employees, including directors, who satisfy certain qualifying conditions, should have the opportunity to participate in the equity of the Company. This is achieved through savings-related share option plans, for which invitations are normally made annually. Under the relevant legislation the exercise of these share options is not subject to performance criteria.(d) Long term incentive planThe Company has established a Long Term Incentive Plan.

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The policy to date has been to make annual awards expressed as a percentage of salary with vesting dependent on the achievement of challenging performance conditions set by the Compensation Committee at the time the awards are made.


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