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. Social media a form of electronic communication in which users create online communities to share information, ideas personal messages, and other content. Social media has become a vital source of communication today.

Although social media has made some positive effects on relationships, it has also caused adverse effects on relationships. Studies show the effects of social media on relationships are decreasing the amount of face to face communication, privacy and commitment. People have resulted to social media to seek relationships, marketing products to enhance business popularity, also to communicate with friends, loved ones, or strangers across the world. For those that lack communication skills, social media could be the perfect place to eliminate nervousness experienced with face to face interaction.( Social media has allowed adults and younger generations to become more complacent to sit behind a computer or any smart device.) Since the arrival of social media over forty years ago many relationships have been damaged.

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Before the era of social media people communicated and participated more in physical activities such as spending time with friends and family hanging out. Also people express themselves with communicating through writing letters or exchanging notes. Many people think social media is the correct way to resolve any issues within a relationship including private ones. Study shows that 93 percent of communication in relationships are nonverbal which requires help understanding each other.

Instead of face to face interaction most people communicate via text message, emails. When communicating via text message there is no way of understanding the full intent of the message without facial expressions, gestures or eye contact. Media outlets has also been known .Lack of privacy has also been an issue in relationship. Posting photos Research shows social media to be link to numerous negative outcomes such as depression, jealously, and low self-esteem. Depression is the feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

Depression can be caused from the emotional consequences from negative online or personal experiences .Spending too much extended time on social media has been also known to cause mental health issues and depression. Social media can also became very addictive watching and envying others lifestyles.everyone’s.relationships social media can be used for the world to publicize their relationship and status. Now days a relationship is not considered official until posted on social media. Most couples post pictures together while tagging others to join. Every photo recorded or posted in social media remains there forever, which could cause depression if there were a break up or bad relationship history.

Most photos and videos on social media are characterized as perfect. A sense of jealously and low esteem in others which is a part of human nature . Also as part of human nature people may feel jealously and envy for what others may post on social media. People also become jealous because of the amount of followers a person may have and the attention that comes with the exposure. Social media has a way of feeding on insecurities, and low self-esteem in others which is a known as the number one remedy for depression.

Online bullying better known as “cyberbullying” is the use of superior strength or influence to intimidate, typically to a person to do what one wants. Due to social freedom gives others the ability to say and do whatever they want with little to any consequences. When bullying occurs on social media for the world to see, people tend to disregard the feelings and humiliation caused to others. Over time bullying can result in suicide. Suicide is the act or an instance of taking one’s life voluntarily or intentionally. Suicide in result of bullying has become one of the third leaving causes of death for young adults. Statistics show 14 percent of high school students have considered committing suicide. While seven percent has attempted to committed suicide.

According to CDC there has been a reported 4400 cases of suicides due to bullying. Girls between the ages of 10 and 12 are more likely to commit suicide. According to statistics thirty percent of students are considered bullies or victims of bullying.

Bully related suicide are connected to multiple types of bullying including physical ,emotional, cyber , circulating suggestive nude photos or personal messages about a particular person. A person that has been exposed to suicide have a tendency to consider suicide. Before a person contemplate suicide there are important warnings to pay attention to like depression, sadness isolation from others, lack of interest for any physical activities.

Also, talking or showing an interest in death or dying, engaging in dangerous harmful activities, showing reckless behavior, substance abuse, or self-injury. Other signs of suicide are also giving away favorite possessions and saying goodbye to people, or making certain suicidal comments suggesting death being the best choice. Bullying and very serious talk to those who show possible signs of bullying or suicide. One conversation or even an attempt to help a victim of bullying or suicidal thoughts may change a person life.The effect of social media use on marriage and relationships can cause problems such as infidelity which could result in divorce.

Study show spending too much time on social media could eventually result in negative impacts on relationships and marriages. Social media outlets are the primary source of drama, and temptation which has caused a decrease on marriage quality. Social media also serves as a distraction from focusing on interaction needed in order to maintain a successful relationship Study also found that twenty percent of annual enrollment on social outlets are associated with divorces. A reported eleven percent that do not use social media are happier in their relationships and marriages. Social media provides access to information about a significant others interaction.

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