? and mothers in developing countries ? Deficiencies

? A significant issue in terms of being a main contributor to high rates of morbidity & mortality amongst infants, children and mothers in developing countries? Deficiencies in Vitamin A, iron, iodine and zinc exacerbate the burden of disease resulting in multiple health implications? Leads to multiple significant consequences such as death during childbirth, mental retardation, lower educational attainment, decreased work capacity? Vicious cycle of micronutrient deficiency extends beyond a single generation with far-reaching consequences on future populations? Focus upon the measures that are taken to tackle the issue of micronutrient deficiency and stop it from becoming beyond a global epidemicA problem usually related with the cause-effect of malnutrition, micronutrient deficiency is a huge part of the dearth of diseases which consists of the global burden of disease.

With a rising rate of illnesses such as mental impairment and even death, majority of micronutrient deficiencies are ubiquitous in economically less advanced countries and with symptoms causing a reduction in immune systems, would be a likely cause of widespread disease and death. While deficiencies in any form of micronutrients being able to result in severe health problems, there are several of them which are especially crucial.

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