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4398645-80962500Event Details and Nature491172525654000The finalized dates and times for the event were as follows:27th January- 6.30am to 11.30am29th January- 1.30pm to 4.30pm345821014414500The Achcharu Games consisted of three segments a triathlon, water polo and smash or pass (tin kadanawa). Triathlon This consisted of a running segment, a cycling segment, an obstacle course and a water roller. Two players were cycling and running, one player had to do the obstacle course and two had to take part on the water roller.

The obstacle course had a sac race, tire jump, walk the plank, leopard crawl and the soapy slip.-6731054991000171069073787000392430061658500The water roller was a large inflatable which you had to push (by rolling) to the end of the pool. 309245085725000Water polo is a sport played in water with a ball.

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It is a bit like basketball and football, but here players are in the pool. Players try to get the ball into the goal more times than the opposing team.-504825247967500-5048255461000355282580772000080962500Smash or pass is a game that is traditionally called tin kadanawa. There are two teams and one team attempts to break and make the tins whilst the other tries to eliminate the players by hitting them with a ball.


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