. Rugby World Cup, tourist and teams,

. Concerning of it people the Maori, they are the indigenous people of New Zealand, within any participants concerning of Maori society, a marae is form for a spiritual and cultural life of a Maori. A marae means a square zone for meeting house and dining room, in facts we can see how they greet one another through face-touching without hand shaking as normal to other cultures. For example, when waka Maori performs at the waterfronts and around the street led to get the attention of non-Maori people for lifetime experience. The haka, this means is a war description, this is clear as many had seen haka is being performed as a combat challenge to rivals. Mainly the phrase means dance. Linking to the biggest event held in New Zealand the Rugby World Cup, tourist and teams, players are greeted with various indigenous culture in terms of doing a haka and modern identity of a Maori for a once in a lifetime experience in Aotearoa. Fishing up an Island, Aotearoa is defined by the legend of Maui.

Maui is a God with humongous strength rich with stories and tales concerning of his time. This God was a rude trickster who succeeded among other things. However, his prime entitlement to fame was fishing up Island for example he North Island, in which it describes the fishing of Maui (Te ika a Maui). The geographic view the North Island it resembles as a fish. Maori examines the South Island as Maui’s waka (canoe) and Rakiura is the anchor. The indigenous people of New Zealand believe that the far North is the tail of the fish and wellington harbor is the mouth.

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The Long Pathway (Te Araroa)- The long path is Aotearoa’s new hiking area, with thousands of kilometers that goes through Cape Reinga, northern most point, to the tips of southern island at Bluff. Going thru the trial, you can discover the Pacific Ocean, rivers, mountains, lakes, valleys, volcanoes with hunter free which means no bears, snakes, and so on in facts hikers have nothing to worry about. Hobbiton, this is concern to the Lord of the Ring fans where Hobbits movie set which take place near Matamata on the North Island. The Hobbits: however, an unexpected journey however ended up filming in New Zealand, leaving more hobbits hole for tourists for viewing like never. In going to this location had the experience and vision that you are participated in the movie through your imagination.The Sky Tower, Auckland sky city is the highest free-standing structure in the southern Hemisphere.

Whereas Dinner at top level and if you want to take it up to another level, you can sky walk around the tower or do a sky jump off besides the tower if however, if you do want to take it to an extraordinary experience.New Zealand Classic Wine Trial, this has a hundred of kilometers of long self-driving which concealment sides of South and North Islands, of growing wines. Don’t worry about lost because there is signs and routes with the graphic of grapes on the way to lead you to your destination and back. Tourists mostly hire bicycle for touring which is much more experience with wine lovers.The climate, which it somehow gets hot uncertainly, but the insider area or place can be too cold. Certain places part cold and sunny at the same time with definite cool climate, and somehow a bit windy and cold.

The climate often express the cool and fresh air New Zealand have.The coast, referring to swimming around the New Zealand coast with penguins, seals, watching whales and dolphins with it awesome sand and beaches shorelines which demonstrate how beautiful and nice of New Zealand is, concerning of sand and it windy air.Farmland, this means the land being covered for farming and chopping fruits and vegetarians. Often certain plants had season growth for example the asparagus only grows in cool weather if it too cold expect getting a half a bin and a full bin if lucky. Seasonal fruits like Kiwi are mostly good and nice on cold weather for further businesses in relation to farming, New Zealand have heaps of farmland for doing business with the greenness of the country.A land of contrast, this refers to New Zealand which lies through the Pacific Ocean which has a variety of volcanic coral often makes it difficult to understand in terms of its climate and environment its coolness, which its spectacular in comparison to other islands no wonder why New Zealand is the number one country in terms of climate and environment.Fauna, this concern of the modern birds and mammals of New Zealand somehow is decaying by human resources and others.

New Zealand where a Land of birds because of its air, its environment, the climate which varies definitions of its greenness which makes the bird comfortable in its environment.Sustaining Dairy Milk contributes to the pollution of water and the environment, for maintaining dairy farm land however increase in significant in terms of the amount of water in rivers and lakes, with further development of dairy farming however without controlling the water amount in dairy farming may led to pollute the environment and impacts the climate in facts which New Zealand are constantly sustaining the greenness of the country for future advantage.Continuing to do so of sustaining dairy milk will badly affects the climate and environment the greenness of New Zealand because of its popular around the World known of it great climate and environment will somehow led to decay it famous golden environments. Without limit of water use for land farming will affect climate change and various acts of pollution which affect the environment and its unacceptable by private sectors (dairy, shops) and companies because of the long running of producing goods and services the Dairy Milk.


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