? our everyday lives as it does today

? Driving License ? Registration Certificate? Health Cards? Debit Cards , ATM Cards? Product identification? Payment collection cards? Service/maintenance Cards ? Royalty Cards? E-purse? Security Cards? National ID Cards? Memory Cards? Campuse Cards? Airline IATA Cards? Employee Cards? Credit Card• MoreSecureSmart card readers are more secure than their counterparts as they use encryption and authentication technology. This is more secure than previous methods associated with payment cards.• AdaptableSmart card readers can be plugged into machines using a USB supported system, which can operate seamlessly with sales and inventory software. They also allow an easier time tracking customer purchases if you’re interested in starting a loyalty program. Smart credit card readers can be linked to customer databases to do research on customer purchases and help figure out what items are the most popular in sales.Of course, the good definitely outweighs the bad, otherwise smart card technology would not be roaming through our everyday lives as it does today Thanks to their flexibility and security, smart cards have greatly improved several of the daily functions we participate in…• Multiservice and flexibilityThe versatility of usage is one of the smart card’s main advantages.Thanks to the flexibility of the smart card technology, it has become possible to develop secure applications for different purposes: network and computer access, personal identification, mobile telephones, driver’s licenses, health records, digital signatures, copyright protection, electronic commerce, etc.A multi-service smart card system allows users to access different services with a single smart card.

Most of the existing smart cards perform only basic cryptography (verification of digital certificates However, new versions of the smart cards can store and handle many applications.Smart cards reduce costs of transactions by eliminating paper costs and processing costs in different organizations and institutions.Simplicity is another benefit of the smart card technology They’re very easy to use from the customer’s point of view.• SecurityThe biggest advantage of the smart card technology is the security they provide.Smart card technology provides better security than another type of data storage devices. This technology uses encryption to protect information from unauthorized disclosure and frauds.

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By using encryption, data can be safely transferred through wireless or regular networks.To use the card, it is necessary to know the appropriate code for activating the PIN (Personal Identification Number). The existence of a PIN eliminates the possibility of abusing the card in the case of theft or loss. Identification by PIN code is more secure than any other way of identification.

Smart cards use two-factor authentication, which is an extra layer of security. Some smart cards use biometric technology like a fingerprint, retina scanner and other biometric information.The data on a smart card cannot be erased, and never it leaves the safe environment.

Smart cards are portable, and because of that, they’re ideal for safe distribution of private keys. Data stored on the smart card can only be accessed through the smart card operating system.The card reader can check the authenticity of the smart card by sending a randomly chosen word to the smart card. Smart cards are then required to sign that word by its private key, then return the “signed word” to the outside world, where the verification is done by the private key.Smart cards are also in accordance with the EMV standard…The purpose of this standard is to enable interoperability between EMV-based cards and terminals around the world. That way, security of financial transactions is improved, and theft is reduced.

standard have their own encryption, which is based on the local standards. Smart cards which are not based on the EMVSmart cards offer convenient and quick methods for conducting financial transactions but leave users at risk of security breaches such as stolen passwords and identity theft. Smart cards are lightweight and highly transportable.

With the simple swipe of these cards, consumers can make purchases quickly and easily; however, they can make spending all too easy and pose security risks.• Smart cards generally expedite sales and transactions at two or three times the rate of traditional sales. A good example of this is paying tolls on the highway: when paying with cash or coins, drivers must wait in lines then stop their cars to count out the exact change before starting again.

With a smart card, however, which operates using radio frequencies, drivers do not need to stop to pay tolls. According to Smart Card Alliance, smart cards are also linked, in many instances, to online banking accounts, which lets users keep track of their accounts in real time. Lastly, their small size makes these cards easy to lose and steal.


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