?”Education” graduation and after that, they can

?”Education” is another word for learning and gaining knowledge. It is one of the basic needs that a human requires for his growth and betterment. As for the attainment of such a need, there are different platforms that provide knowledge. These are available in form of schools and colleges. Now, every educational institute needs to follow a map or a structure that fulfills the requirements of students of how and what they should be learned when they walk out of that institute. Every country has a different educational system which they follow.

As for the American educational system, here is a brief explanation below that every insider and outsider must know:American students get their twelve-year education by attending primary and secondary school. They study five or six years in primary school and then go to secondary school for a completion of twelve grades. After completing high school, they get a diploma or certificate upon their graduation and after that, they can go to college or university for higher education.Now, the academic year usually consists of two terms that is called “semesters”. Some schools follow a schedule of three equally timed terms called “trimesters” and others divide the whole year into four terms including an optional summer session.If we talk about educational levels in the US, then there are following levels of education that every educational institute in the United States follows:Undergraduate is the First level.

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A student at this level studies for a bachelor’s degree which takes four years to complete. In this duration, they learn different courses which help them choose the main course they want to learn and achieve expertise in that particular course in the future.Graduate in chase of a master’s degree is the Second level. At this stage, the student must seriously think over the courses he’s taking so that he would continue it ahead as a profession. After attending a whole coursework in that subject, a student must prepare and submit a long well-researched paper called a “Master’s thesis” in order to get a Master’s degree.Graduate in chase of a Doctorate degree is the Third level.

In this duration, a student must attend classes and seminars and then work on publishing a paper that consists of new researches, views, and designs done by himself.An American education system involves a certain environment of a classroom. Every student must participate in discussions, debate and proving his argument, giving presentations etc. Every course includes these characteristics with a mid-term and a final-term exam along with different scheduled or pop quizzes. Furthermore, every course has some credit hours to be taken by students. These are about 12 to 15 for a full-time program.

If a student has to transfer to some other college/university during the program, he can simply continue with the remaining credit hours of that course. This is the flexibility of the American Education System.Every country needs some boosters to make its every department work more efficiently and progressively. Education is the most important department of all times. It is the first step of a ladder leading to success and eventually providing every other department the base that is mandatory to work effectively. Looking into requirements that our educational system demands, we need to promote some learning techniques and come up with ideas providing positive features to our educational system.Teachers must bring change in their methodology A good teacher is a reason behind the success of a student. They need to transform their teaching method as well as their teaching techniques.

They should be modifying as to nourish those young brains in the best way.Parents must take responsibility towards children Along with teachers, parents also must take notice of all the actions and engagements of their children. It is an essential part of building a mind of children and to help him further. If a student is receiving this attention, it would be an increment to the sources that our educational system needs to gain its excellence.Teachers’ Training ProgramsOur teachers should be taught new techniques in their training programs such as neuroscience.

It will help them improve their performance in the classroom by understanding how a brain learns and stores new information and how strong these neural pathways are formed. Being Digitalized Formerly, writing and reading books was enough to get literacy level. But now with the passage of time, we need to be digitalized in this digital world. To gratify this huge generational change, educators must adopt a curriculum that includes all knowledge of digital literacy. It will help our students to be able to use technology for their research purposes.Raise the standards of academic engagements and intellectualism In this modern age, students need to be accustomed to this instant gratification of digitalization.

Our education system must develop a strategy that enables students to be determined to achieve academic goals by using new technology instead of being distracted by the thought that this academic achievement is of no use in their real lives. Educators must eradicate gender gap in learningIf we notice, there is devising a gender gap in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. There are not many opportunities for women to bloom in the STEM industry.

We need to provide women with such counseling and encouragement in their academic journey as to know and prove their intelligence and worth. We need to abolish this man-dominated thought to work together in the improvement of our future. These are some of the points that can build our educational system into a better one and provide us with better future possibilities of development and success. This can be started to work on now.


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