We big quantity of water. This is called

 We can’t create the real lakes and ponds, because it isthe natural feature.

Humans can not create the natural feature. So, in the Nictoluswe create the artificial lakes and ponds .They is real but in small quantityand we show the small quantity as big quantity of water. This is calledartificial lakes.  In the lakes, ponds ofNictolus there are fishes, frogs, and small water animals.

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The water animalsalso lay eggs and the eggs grow into again the water animals. The people alsofeel that, they are in the real lakes and ponds. They are about 75 artificial lakes and ponds.

Thepercentage of artificial lakes and ponds is 2% out of 100%. The surroundingsare covered with full of grass and plants. There are some trees with delicious fruits.

 RULES AND REGULATIONS INLAKES AND PONDS:- 1. Don’t touch or swim in the lakes.    2. Don’t through the dust and wastage in the lakesand ponds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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