As or to an External record storage

As being a records and information management director for a small corporation, my job is to explain what is the records life cycle and how it would impact the new policy letter.

The useful of the records life cycle for a company is protecting, and for that the companies should know that they may not be able to go forward if something happens to their information, data or storage and with that they may not be able to access those Records. Companies should protect, preserve and serve information when its need. Most important is that to have the data of the Records and Information Lifecycle that protects that it aligns with broader information, storage and data , which it includes the media management. As well as the companies should determine in planning to make changes to the resources of the activity of the information and data, from the application of data storage. The way it could be mange is by using the five phases of creation, distribution, use, maintenance, and final disposition. The creation pharse is when a letter or e-mail being procduced or complated by phiscally or electronically and even it can be recived by E-Mail or receipt from outside the business.

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By using distribution, is when it is sent to the responisible peron for the use of it. The records are used for making decision making or in satisflying legal requirements. As well as the use and maintenance are for the decision to make the record use at a later time. while the phase, the records must be stored that it is placed into their proper storage place. And lastly, disposition are records that are kept to be transferred to less expejsive storage  or to an External record storage which is created for the use of the outside of the organization.

Also, by having the ARMA International can keep stored information that is made or received by the organization than can be used has evidence and it had value of a specific period of time.


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