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7 health benefits of “kitunguu saumu”Kitunguu saumu is the Kiswahili name for garlic. It is a known spice in east Africa as well as the as the entire world.

More importantly, it has health and medicinal significance. A research done on its health benefits, reveals the following:Immunity boostingKitunguu Saumu has been used widely to help prevent illness such as common cold. A recent study shows that using garlic regularly can reduce the chances of getting common cold by 63%.Lowers Blood PressureRecently, High blood pressure has been known to cause a lot of deaths. The research done revealed that Kitunguu Saumu can lower high blood pressure.

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More importantly, the study showed that not only can garlic be used as a treatment but also can prevent diseases such diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis.Reduces CholesterolHeart diseases has been known to result from bad cholesterol. Study done on human subject showed that Garlic has the capability to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) up to 15%. But it has no effect on the good cholesterol (HDL).

Reduces toxinsThe Sulphur in garlic helps to detoxify the human body. for instance, metal toxicity such as lead which may destroy some body organs. Additionally, it can aid in reducing symptoms caused by these metals such as nausea, headaches and heart problems.


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