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?Madeline Marsh Chef Ochiresearch paper 2: Influential chefsI was never really influenced by any famous hospitality leaders I never really watched much of any of the food shows until I was close to graduating from high school when I started to watch a little bit of different shows. But recently I have started to watch clips of the Galloping Gourmet Grahm Kerr. I was looking into different hospitality leaders I could write a report on and was asking for recommendations and several people I talked to told me to try galloping gourmet. The reason I like the galloping gourmet is because of the way he entertains people every one is always laughing. I also like his accent. Without Graham Kerr and Julia Childs there would be no food network or cooking shows or baking shows.

He has made such ban impact on the world that I just had to pick him. grahm kerr started working with food when he was a child often spending time in the kitchen of the hotel his parents worked at. Kerrs parents often worked with well respected chefs.Grahm kerr started formal training at the age of fifteen at roebuck hotel. He spent five years in the royal New Zealand air force as a caterer. One day in 1960 during his time in the military he filed in for a cooking demonstration and ended up with a cooking show in new zealand. After his show he started working at the royal ascott hotel before moving to canada where he filmed the galloping gourmet from wich he became well known for his charisma and humor. Grahm kerr stated about his life (All my jobs have been with food in one way or another since 1948.

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My parents were in the hotel business, and I just loved the warm hearted people who worked so hard with such good humor.)Grahm kerr played a big role in starting a few food trends or lifestyle change. One of these food trends he was involved with was to try to eat healthier less fat filled food with more vegetables added in for extra flavor and texture. He started with food that was not that healthiest just meats and fat and cream. Later he did a complete one-hundred eighty degree turn towards fruits and vegetables after he became a Christian. He went from vegetables as a garnish to have them be a big portion of the meal for a much healthier life style one without nitrates. He cooked using the aroma colors and textures so that they were the stars.

He also tried to reduce salts and sugars in foods that he cookedAnother trend he worked towards was toward dealcoholized wines one such wine company that he indorsed was Ariel Vineyards. Ariel vineyards wines go well with his more health centric cooking that he advocates for. He now uses Ariel vineyards wines whenever the recipe he is cooking calls for wines of any type. Ariel vineyards wines were often showed on grahm kerrs kitchen as he focused on cooking healthy and tasty foods.A third trend he advocates for is a healthier portion control with less meat and more of other foods.

Like vegtables on grahm kerrs gathering place at the end of most episodes of grahm kerrs gathering place he would show the original numbers before portion control and vegiterian options and other changes to after portion control. Because he wanted people to eat healthier. Table for potion-controlled Yankee pot roast as seen on graham Kerr’s gathering place original vs creative option showing healthy can still taste goodcategory classic creativecalories 903 calories 390 caloriesTotal fat 53 total fat 8 total fatSaturated fat 21 saturated fat 3 saturated fatcarbohydrates 57 carbs 63 carbsfiber 8 fiber 6 fiberMoussaka table for original vs portion controlled and creative or vegetarian option as seen on graham Kerr’s gathering place showing healthy is still awsomecategory classic creative vegetariancalories 540 calories 236 calories 167 caloriesTotal fat 40 total fat 9 total fat 4 total fatSaturated fat 17 saturated fat 4 saturated fat 2 saturated fatcarb 21 carbs 17 carbs 27 carbsfiber 1 fiber 3 fiber 6 fiberTheses tables are examples of his thoughts on healthy eating.Grahm Kerr was born in London during the mid 1930s to the kerr family. The kerrs were hoteliers who often worked with some of Europe’s greatest chefs. According to grahm kerr ‘All my jobs have been with food in one way or another since 1948. My parents were in the hotel business, and I just loved the warm hearted people who worked so hard with such good humor. ‘he experienced a busy kitchen because of that often working for his parents.

Kerr became a manger trainee at a hotel in ashdown forest the roebuck hotel. He joined the royal new zealand air force as a catering advisor where he did his first demonstration he left the royal new zealand air force after five years. He got married to his wife treena in the year 1955 and had three children with his wife. Came to canada where he started filming his show the galloping gourmet. The popular show was short lived while on a tour in 1971 with his wife who was his producer they got into a car accident a vegetable truck had hit them. Grahm kerr had been partialy paralised for a while.

Treena kerr had to have surgrey to remove a part of her lung. After the accident the two of them and their three children spent two years living on a boat. Treena kerr got addicted to pain meds from the accident before she converted to Christianity to cope with her addiction. They took time out of the spotlight until treena kerr had a stroke and a heart attack which then convinced him to find healthier foods that tasted good. After her sroke and heart attack he came back to do another show this time teaching moderation and healthy living.

He came back to the spot light with his show simply marvelous. treena kerr died in 2015. Grahm kerr now lives with his daughter Tessa and her husband in the state of Washington.What mad grahm kerr succesfull was his sense of humor and ability to play to the crowd. He knew how to sell himself and his food as a product.

He knew what people were looking forand was able to give it to them. He understood that people want to be made happy to be entertained to be made to laugh and he gave it to them. He was sincere and likeable and understood show buisness. He did so well at being amazing at his job that everybody I spoke to who grew up watching his shows still looked back fondly at the memories of watching his show. He knew how to use his body his voice everything about him to make the woman who watched him happy.he understood that his viewer’s wanted to forget about how serious real life is and he gave them that escape for a while on the other still being educational. He understood the importance of accents.

He really understood how important laughing is to an audience especaly when there is a lot of uncertainty in the world he made everyone feel light hearted when everything was going well and feel more lighter when everything went wrong. He made mistakes and had to get creative so he made them feel like it was okay if the people who watched made mistakes when they were cooking. In the galloping gourmet show he jumped over chairs while being seemingly drunk.

He told funny stories about the recipes to peak interest and told his audiences jokes to make them laugh. I enjoyed the episodes I watch so much that I am going to continue to watch his shows if I can find them.Grahm kerr has had no direct influence on me going into culinary. However, having done the research into him I can see the impact he has made through his healthy life style cooking methods that he helped make popular. I can see where he influenced many people to love to cook. He influenced many chefs like Emeril Lagasse and Charlie Trotter.

Grahm kerr was an amazing chef and an amazing showman who knew how to really sell how to play the industry game. he has made himself well known in the industry with his light hearted humor and continues to educate people on how to live a healthy life style. He continues to influence the world by teaching how to cook and by the many people who he has influenced to make a difference in their lives and others life’sWorks CitedJohnson, Kirk. A Slower Pace for the ‘Galloping Gourmet’.

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