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77001371600540005431155Starting a Salon(BA 18 – ONLINE – FALL 2018)
Lexis McMenamin
7900035000Starting a Salon(BA 18 – ONLINE – FALL 2018)
Lexis McMenamin

Unfortunately, my uncle had passed away, but in his will, he left me $230,000. In honor of my uncle, I decided to pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur and open my own salon. I am going to start off by deciding a name for my business and a good location. Then, I would have to find cosmetologists and decide the necessary training they would need to go through. Then, I would need to get insurance and lease a location as well as many different permits.

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First is deciding on a business name and finding a location. I have decided to name my salon “Michelle Beauty+” and I would like for it to be in Clovis, CA. Now, since I will not be operating under my legal name, I must register a DBA (“Doing Business As”) in the state, city, or county I will be operating in. Before I file my DBA, it would be best to make sure my business follows the city of Clovis’ checklist to prevent from any surprises down the line. To file my DBA, I would have to fill our certain paperwork such as registration rates and applications and tax applications would be a few examples along with paying a registration fee.
When it comes to running a successful business, there are rules and regulations you must be in compliance with Title 16. My employees must have proof of training and display their licenses, they must go through and be approved of their remedial training process and know how to properly disinfect equipment along with knowing how to properly handle the equipment are a few examples. When it comes to training one’s employees, Skye Larson describes training as, “Make sure your employees’ progress can be recorded in some way, and by seeing results, everyone—executives, managers, and employees—will understand the program better. You should also set clear expectations for the employees…Choose someone to lead the program who has strong ideas and an enthusiastic interest in how to develop employees.” When it comes to employee training, it’s important to teach proper etiquette and responsibility. With the saying, “the customer is always right,” employees need to know that they are responsible for anything that happens within the location of the business and to handle the situation in a respectful manner.
After reviewing all my options, I have decided on GEICO to help cover my business in terms of liabilities and to protect myself and my assets. I have chosen GEICO because they offer many coverages like, “Business Owners Policy (BOP), General Liability Insurance/CGL, Professional Liability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Ridesharing Insurance and On-Demand Delivery.” Now, when it comes to leasing a commercial area in a strip mall, there are a few things to look for before signing a lease. The Forbes Real Estate Council stated that you should, “Know how to negotiate, don’t get locked into a long-term deal, leverage available experience, know the tenant improvement budget, consider build out costs, and don’t sign the demolition clause.”
With running a business like a salon, there are some environmental issues that everyone should be aware of. The Marjorie Milner College addressed some of the environmental concerns when it comes to running a salon such as, “The use of chemical products (dyes, bleaches, solvents), air pollution (odors), water use and wastewater disposal. energy use, solid waste (paper towels, product containers, other packaging).” The Marjorie Milner College also offered some simple regulations that I need to make and train my employees in terms of complying with those regulations. Those regulations include things like, “Make sure you are using energy-efficient bulbs and not old-fashioned low-efficiency fluorescent tubes or check your water heater thermostat and make sure it’s at the right temperature.”
To retrofit my business to comply with the American’s with Disability Act, I think it would be best to brush up on what the American’s with Disability Act is and familiarize myself with it to help incorporate that into my business. The American’s with Disability Act is a civil rights law that forbids discrimination based on disability. With that being said, some things I should know to retrofit my business and permits I would need to comply with the city ordinances would be location: “Accessible parking spaces serving a particular building shall be located on the shortest accessible route of travel from adjacent parking to an accessible entrance,” parking: “Accessible parking spaces shall be at least 96 in (2440 mm) wide,” and signage: “Accessible parking spaces shall be designated as reserved by a sign showing the symbol of accessibility (see 4.30.7).”
Lastly, the rules and regulations of serving wine in a spa-like industry can be described a basic state rules when serving alcohol in a public area. Existing law makes it illegal for any person other than a licensee of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to sell, manufacture, or import alcoholic drinks in California. When it comes to beauty salons, there are certain requirements. The Legislative Counsel’s Digest states some requirements, “The license of the establishment providing the beauty salon service or barber shop service is in good standing with the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, no more than 12 ounces of beer or six ounces of wine by the glass is offered to a client, and the beer or wine is provided only during business hours and in no case later than 10 p.m.”
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