(2) in which I work. One example of

(2) Service usersService users range from mostly elderly people to individuals who might have one disability or another. As a result of this variation, this group might have different information needs and communication requirement.An elderly person might require specialist equipment if hearing is impaired to address the communication need of that individual, others might require braille or glasses to see what information is being communicated for e.g. Mrs B at my place of work has memory challenges to address her communication needs it important not to give her too much information at time.ManagementThe communication needs of management is usually one that requires a lot of details this is because this information will need to be made available to top management and the regulatory body of the care sector in which I work. One example of the information that might usually be communicated is compliance check results on medication, outcome of audits and other compliance reports.

These usually in many cases are technical and performance related.

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