? the audit to meet the internal and

?AssignmentProject (Week 6)This week you should develop a Test Plan and a Risk Management Plan (using the FMEA template provided) for your chosen case study.Test Plan: Test Strategy:Product Overview and History:The scope of the DMS is to plan, manage, design and build a new Patient Management System which will support the operation of a large dental practice.

EDental will be used by the dentists, (and orthodontists), dental nurses, and reception staff. The system will keep track of the scheduling of various types of appointments (e.g. cleaning, extraction, fillings and teeth-whitening), for new and existing patients. The purpose of the DMS project is to integrate Dento Care’s paper-file base to a centralised piece of software, EDental.

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The new system will improve management, resource allocation and prioritisation of various types of customer appointments. Through implementation of the DMS Project, Dento Care will leverage its capacity to book, update and maintain customer appointments, alongside distributing dental professional’s workloads. The successful implementation of the DMS Project is expected to reduce Dento Care’s schedule delays by 70%. Further, the Project is expected to reduce manual labour hours, spent by dental professionals through paper-based systems, by 95%. Product History: None. No previous versions.

Rolling out to electronic from paper-based.Overview of System:Frontend: Desktop GUI, MVC ControllerBackend: Java API/Datastore using SQLServerNetwork. Restful API, return in xml/jsonFeatures to be tested:1. Customer bookings, cancellations and dental work carried out.

2. Accessing reports on customer data.3. Producing audits of the collected customer data,(audit), this will include profit analysis.

4. Producing reports on the audit to meet the internal and external audits criteria5. Managing dental professional’s diaries/workload distribution.6. Producing reports on dental professional’s diaries and workload distributionConfigurations to be tested:All hardware configurations to be tested prior to project commencing.

Windows is the preferred operating system for the software. Consultation period with stakeholders to define specific hardware they are using, and requirements for system. Possible upgrade to Windows 10 throughout and latest generation intel processors. Review of systems at the first juncture.First Step Criteria for Testing:• All basic functionality must work correctly• Unit tests must run without any error• Source code is checked into CMS• Any known bugs are posted to the tracking systemOnce the mandatory criteria have been achieved, the product must meet below criteria to exit from the system test.Exit System Deliverables:• Documentation is complete• There are fewer than 10 bugs and all are minor.• Code is frozen • Executed test results need to be discussed with product managementCore Deliverables for Testing:• Test Logs to be reported• Test procedure to be implemented• Bug tracking system finalised• Automated tests in .Net FrameworkTest Plan: Test Specifications: Use Cases:Use Case Number: 24 Use Case Name: Check results upon entering valid user ID and password Test Number: 1 Objective: Check the log-in functionality Setup: Visit Client Desktop App.

Precondition that user must have a valid account to access. Expected Results: User to log in successfully. One expected result only. Test: Enter a valid user name and password.

Press Enter. No error should be thrown. Error thrown for invalid user or password. Test Record: Date: 16/06/2018 Tester- Mark SmithResult: Logged in successfully. Tester- Mark SmithDate:16/06/18 Use Case Number: 26 Use Case Name: Show error message upon unsuccessful login Test Number: 1 Objective: Check the log-in functionality Setup: Visit Client Desktop App. Type invalid password. Expected Results: Error thrown: “user is not logged in, invalid password, try again up to 3 times before lock out” OR “reset password by email” Test: Enter an in valid user name and password.

Press Enter. Error should be thrown. Error message should show password reset entry email and give phone number for IT service desk to reset if locked out of email. Test Record: Date: 15/06/2018 Tester- Janet DevlinResult: Error thrown as above.

Tester- Janet DevlinDate:15/06/18 Use Case Number: 27 Use Case Name: Appropriate Manager to Confirm Download of ReportTest Number: 1 Objective: Approve the document download by an appropriate Manager Setup: Pre-condition that user is registered and valid and has admin rights to request report data. Expected Results: Secretary or receptionist to get approved code from Manager, enter code on screen to access download of report. Test: Visit Client Desktop App. Log in. Navigate to Report Section. User presses request button.

Manager gets request and verifies release of document. Used for Practice secretary or receptionist. Test Record: Date: 25/06/2018 Tester- Denis DolanResult: Manager gets code and it auto sends to user who can enter it and download report. Tester- Denis DolanDate:13/06/18 ?Risk Management Plan (FMEA):?References:Stackexchangecom. (2018).

Software Engineering Stack Exchange. Retrieved 17 June, 2018, from https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/127624/what-is-mvc-really


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