Sulfonamides were thefirst effective chemotherapeutic

   Sulfonamides were thefirst effective chemotherapeutic agents used systematically for the preventionand cure a wide range of infections in human and other animal systems.Heterocyclic sulfonamide derivatives are used as antidiabetic, antithyroid,antitumor,andantimicrobial1-7.Sulfapyridine (SPY) is one of the important members of sulfa drugs.Sulfapyridinewas the first synthetic antibacterial agent effective against pneumonia8-10.metal complexes ofheterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen, sulfur, and/or oxygen as ligandatoms has attracted much attention. The ability of metal ions to bind in vivowith proteinsand peptides is ansignificant feature of metal-baseddrugs.Themetal complex of sulfonamides appear a better activity than the free ligand atthe same experimental conditions 11,12.

Metal-based drugs are widely used for the therapy and diagnosisof a range of diseases13.In the present study we are synthesis and spectroscopic characterizationof a new Cd complex with sulfapyridine as ligand with formula C16H15Cd0.50N4O2S. The crystal structurewas determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction methods.

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 2. Experimental2.1. Synthesisand crystallizationSulfapyridine(Sigma Aldrich), cadmium perchlorate hydrate (  )and all other reagents are of the highest grade e quality, obtainedfrom commercial sources and used without further purification.Sulfapyridine(2 mmol) is dissolved in hot methanol andNaOH is added,  an aqueous solution of cadmium perchloratehydrate (1 mmol) is added with constant stirring and the mixture is refluxedfor about 3 h.

A white precipitate is formed, filtered and washed with methanoland distilled water successively and dried in a desiccator over anhydrous CaCl2.Theproduct is insoluble in water and in most common solvents but soluble inDMSO,DMF, ?-picoline  and pyridine. After many unsuccessful attempts,it waspossible to grow a few tiny colorless crystals of cadmium complex ofsulfapyridine (cdspy) from pyridine solution. Elemental analysis calculated for(C16H15Cd0.50N4O2S): C, H, N %; found: C,H, N %.


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