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89 The New Egyptian Journal of Medicine Vol: 31 No: 2 1st August 2004 INTRODUCTION AND AIM OF THE STUDY BIeed?ng per vag?na compI?cates approx?mateIy 20% Of aII pregnanc?es ?n the ?rst tr?mester the ?nc?dence reduc?ng exponent?aIIy as pregnancy advances and about 50-60% of aII bIeed?ng from the uterus ?n the ?rst tr?mester w?II end ?n m?scarr?age (Ugwumadu and manyonda , 1998) . A Woman who has had a bad even pregnancy Ioss may exper?ence h?gh IeveIs of anx?ety and a tendency to depress?on wh?ch may spo?I her next pregnancy or even aII her I?fe. ?f they exper?ence a Ioss the ?n?t?ates naturaI feeI?ng of gr?ef they may conv?nce themseIves that they are “Break?ng down ” and th?s may ?ndeed ?ncrease the r?sk that they w?II (BIack, 1998) The typ?caI response of fr?ends and reIat?ves are those of try?ng to get pregnant aga?n r?ght away.

Th?s thought may ?n?t?aIIy o?er some comfort to the gr?ev?ng mother that there ?s hope but ?t does not erad?cate her pa?n from the baby she d?d Iose. No matter how much she may want another baby , no ch?Id can be re-pIaced by a s?bI?ng (Hsu et aI., 2002) Adjustment d?sorders are short-term maIadapt?ve react?ons to what a Iayperson wouId caII a personaI caIam?ty, but ?n psych?atr?c terms wouId be referred to as a psychosoc?aI stressor. An adjustment d?sorder ?s ant?c?pated to rem?t soon after the stressor term?nates, or ?f ?t pers?sts, a new IeveI of adaptat?on ?s ach?eved. symptoms of the d?sorder usuaIIy resoIut?on w?th?n 6 months , aIthough they may Iast Ionger ?f produced by one w?th Iong-Iast?ng consequences (BoneII? et aI.

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,2000) Hemaid M. Azab Neuropsychiatry Dept. Sohag Faculty of Medicine South Valley University Mostafa. A.

Khalek A. Ellah Obstetrics &Gynecology Dept. Sohag Faculty of Medicine , South Valley University Hala A. Thabet Woman’s Health and Midwifery Nursing Department Faculty of Nursing Mansoura University The Study aims to explore di?erent psychiatric sequelae and coping strategies adopted by mothers who sustained recent spontaneous pregnancy loss (SPL). Study sample comprised 100 women with SPL (50 From sohag governorate and 50 from Mansoura governorate). Study tools included interview data sheets, psychiatric interview history and mental examination sheet and modi?ed Jalowiec coping scale.

RESULTS showed that after SPL , Incidence rates of psychiatric disorders among participants from sohag and Mansoura were almost equal (58% and 62% , Respectively).The main psychiatric disorders after spontaneous pregnancy loss were major depressive episode (40%) , panic disorder (12%) and brief psychotic disorder and manic episode (4% for both ) . participants who did not have psychiatric disorder were signi?cantly more inclined to follow problem – oriented coping strategies , while those who had psychiatric disorders were more inclined to follow a?ective –oriented coping strategies (p


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