are still teaching moretraditional journalism

Many schools, however, are still teaching moretraditional journalism courses, and have shied away from focusing too manyresources on developing niche coursework on using Twitter’s analytics tools tohelp monitor and improve news content, for example. Schools like WesternKentucky University are still teaching a relatively traditional journalismcurriculum—although they do have a strong photojournalism/multimedia program.For example, undergraduates take courses in reporting, intermediate reporting,advanced reporting, feature writing, history of the American press, press lawand ethics, and news media management. The problem is: there are fewer andfewer aspiring Bob Woodwards and Walter Cronkikes.

With the declining number ofyoung people using traditional new outlets to stay updated on current events,fewer and fewer high school and college students will are interested instudying journalism as an academic discipline.

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