? under online banking network. The regulations

? Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL):Online banking services have been provided by IBBL since 2006. Being the largest in online banking service provider, it’s providing better customer services to its all clients. It requires some formalities for its clients to get the online services. That is the registration of the accountholder at his/her respective branch. IBBL does not simply refer online banking as internet banking, it means it Any Branch Banking (ABB) service.

IBBL provides cash deposit, cash withdrawal, fund transfer, balance inquiry, account statement, investment recovery services under online banking network. The regulations of IBBL in this aspect are so much strict than others. The guidelines in regard of online banking services of IBBL are given as follows:• No limit for cash deposit and fund transfer;• Cash withdrawal transfer limit = 1lacs per day per account ;• Rates and VAT for cash deposit, withdrawal and fund transfer from customer accounts will be recovered as per the following rules:Within the districtCash deposit/withdrawal/ chargestransfer amount Upto tk.20,000 tk.15Above tk.20,000 tk.

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15+0.20 for Next per thousand Maximum online charge tk.1,500Inter DistrictCash deposit/withdrawal/ chargestransfer amountUpto tk.20,000 tk.20Above tk.20,000 tk.20+0.30 for next Per thousandMaximum online charges tk.

2,500Within the Divisional city area Cash deposit/withdrawal/Transfer amount chargesUpto tk.1lacs Free of cost, but not More than twice in a Day? Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL):DBL has introduced online banking service in 2010 by launching online real time services in its 37 branches at preliminary stage. Now DBL bring its 83 branches including Islamic banking branches under computerization system to provide its clients online banking services. Through an agreement with Inf Sys Technologies Limited, DBL has installed the world reputed banking software “FINACLE” to provide its clients best online real time banking services. ? Eastern Bank Limited (EBL): EBL provides its clients online banking services to help them stay connected to their accounts from anywhere through internet access.

This bank it up its own official serve named “Quickbook” to provide direct banking service via online. Clients of the bank can get easy access to this server by getting a personal password and be able to receive the following online services provided by EBL:• Account balance check and login banking activities from anywhere at any time;• Bill payment through online;• Fund transfer between EBL account and other account owned by the clients in other banks or financial institution;• View the front and back images of the check written by the clients;• Electronic account statement receipt at any time. ? IDLC:The largest non-banking financial institution of Bangladesh also provides online trading services to its clients and customers. In this regard, customers need to get registration to receive the services. After registration customers are provided a CIF (customer information) code and a unique password to get access to the online trading service of IDLC.

It provides the following online trading services:


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