A. giant sponges which can soaking moisture before

A. OpenerA.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t to all my fellow friends.B.

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Topic StatementB. Today I would like to talk about illegal logging effect on forests that I think it should be stop immediately.C. PreviewC. As you know, illegal logging cause many bad consequences to the forests  as it play important roles in our life.

Required InformationBody  Outline (Reasons for my opinion)A. Reason 1    1. Support        a.

Sub-support    2. Support        a. Sub-supportFirstly, trees act as heavy rainfalls absorber.Without trees and plants to absorb heavy rainfalls, illegal logging has caused soil erosion and faster runoff.This soil erosion may lead to larger and more frequent flood in Malaysia.Forests can also act as giant sponges which can soaking moisture before releasing it slowly.

This will moderate the river flow thus preventing floods.B. Reason 1    1. Support        a. Sub-support    2. Support        a.

Sub-supportIn addition, forests are also act as water catchment areas.Rivers that originate from these water catchment areas supply freshwater.In order to meet the water needs of the domestic, agricultural and industrial sectors.The trees stop rainfall from directly reaching the ground.Rainwater seeps and stored into the ground.

C. Reason 1    1. Support        a. Sub-support    2. Support        a. Sub-supportMoreover, forests are the prime resources for the indigenous people.They have always depended on these rainforests for many years.Rainforests offer them medicines, shelters, foods and other necessities.

 Other than that, illegal logging will also result in the destruction of their traditional ways of life.As the forests dissapears, so does their culture.Required InformationConclusion  Outline A. SignalA.

In conclusion, I hope that all of us can contribute in preventing this illegal logging.B. ReviewB. As it only gives many bad consequences to all of us.C.

CloserC. Let me leave you with an American native proverb, ‘we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children’. Thanks for listening.


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