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a) Describe how you think the hotel’s management will Make sure that the way it manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business From the case analysis above, The hotel management of Penang Mutiara has adopted various methods that have enabled them to be competitive, they have realized that its cheaper to maintain an existing customer than looking for an new ones. They have gone an extra mile to understand that once in a while guest will come in agitate probably due to theur experiences with their flights for instance loosing their luggage, their have made sure that so that the guest is not agitate further for repeat guest, by the time the guest is checking in all their details are ready, “staff avoid their having to repeat the information they gave on the previous visit. Reception staff simply check to see if guests have stayed before, retrieve the information and take them straight to their room without irritating delays”, this way, the customer feels much appreciated.They have also gone an extra mile by ensuring that the customer demands are met without any delay, “A guest just should not be kept waiting.

If a guest has a request, it has to be sorted out now” to do this they have to made sure that the staff are multi-skilled. The policy is making sure that restaurant staff can always do more than one job. It’s this kind of ?exibility which allows the hotel to maintain fast response to the customer.’ The Hotel has also ensure that they are Dependable, this is a a fundamental principle of a well managed hotel. “We must always keep our promises”. For example, rooms are ready on time and accounts are also ready for presentation when a guest departs; this minimizes the long ques at both check in and out points.The hotel also does planning in advance and anticipation of what could go wrong, their put up mechanism of how to cope with the problems or better still prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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The Hotel is also flexible to the customer demand, “We never like to say NO” they ensure that what customer wants, even if they don’t have they have to go the extra mile and get it for him, if however they happen not to get it, they negotiate with the customer for an alternative.Even though Penang Mutiara has managed to maintain the their competive advantage currently, they should do a SWOT analysis and understand how their can remain competive in the long run. This should assist Penang Mutiara to understand the areas where their should put more effortTheir should also adopt new strategies, let Penang Mutiara look for mechanism to attract new customers over and above the exixting one, the should have questionaires and market survey initiatives to understand the new emerging markets.


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