A a negative view on the company.

A caller’s experience can affect the way they view the organisation as if on the phone we come across rude or disrespectful it will reflect badly onto the company, this is because when we are on the phone to a customer while at work we represent the company, therefor if we speak to the customer negatively it will give them a negative view on the company. When on the phone to a customer it is important to use polite and respectful language, it is important not to use ‘slang’ words and use a kind and happy tone, it is important to sound confident in what you are saying, even if you are not, this will make the customer feel safe with the information that you provide them with. As weird as it sounds it is important to smile as you speak to a customer on the phone, if you smile it will make you sound happier and give you a more positive tone of voice.

When calling a customer, it is important to start by making sure you are speaking to the correct person by saying ‘Hello am I speak to ——‘ once you know who you are speaking to you can introduce yourself. For example, I would say ‘My name is Ellesse, I’m calling from DC Property Maintenance’ followed by what you are calling about for example ‘I am calling in regards to your gardening works we carry out for you’ once you have discussed everything you need speak about and are about to end the phone call you must always end in a polite manner for example, I would say ‘Thank you for your time, have a nice day’ This is a polite and positive way to end a call.
When receiving a call from a customer, you start by saying ‘Good Morning/Afternoon DC Property Maintenance, how can I help’ it is important to keep a happy tone while saying this making them feel as if they can trust you. The customer will then state as to why they are calling such as to book in a job or speak to a certain member of staff. If they want to book in a job I will help the with this and then end the call by saying ‘Thank you for your call, we look forward to working with you, have a nice day.’ If they wish to speak to another member of staff I would ask for their name and what they wish to speak to this member of staff regarding and then I would say, ‘Let me pop you on hold for a moment and see if she/he is available’ I would then place them on hold and find out from the member of staff if they are able to take the call if they are I would take the customer off of hold and say, ‘Thank you for waiting, I’ll just put you through to (staff name) now’ and then I would put them through.

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