A the majority of users from the

A cellphone is a device which can basically receive calls and messages anytime, anywhere.

It is a wireless gadget that most people these days used to communicate and for entertainment purposes. Cellphone users were less than a billion worldwide with the majority of users from the developed countries. It can be connected on the internet with the use of cellular data or wifi connection. But mostly, Cellular data were used when we are outside doing some stuffs or going somewhere. Especially in school, because it can help us to search while on class or break time to do some activities. Nowadays, it is the most common gadget that anyone can have. It is not only for the riches but even an ordinary person can have or afford it. That’s why, many of the students are just using their cellphones.

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They now can take a picture what is written on the board than copying it. It is more reliable to them because they can relax and sit there and look at their cellphone to review something. But sometimes, they were not able to check it because they are busy doing something on their phones. Maybe playing games etc. Also, some of the students are using their phones while the class is on going, they are checking their online accounts. It is one that can affect their academic performance because they are not giving respect to their teacher which can affect grades. You must know your limitations when using phone.

Because not all the time you are given a chance to use it while on class. You must accept the consequences if you’re caught using it without their permission. Not all of the teachers can just forgive us that easy. Cellphone has both negative and positive effect on our academic performances also other gadgets. You should know what’s the right thing to do and how to use your phone properly.


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