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A channel that can be used to market your product or service is by using email newsletters. This could be aimed at customers and partners because it’s a great way to give lots of relevant information at one time. This can be sent to people as many times as you like and exactly who you want which can be very helpful. Email newsletters can be very cheap or expensive depending on how professional you want it to be.Another channel would be mobile websites including mobile apps such as Instagram and Facebook. This could be aimed at customers as well and influencers as they are easy to access at any time or place.

The customers and influencers can navigate their way around your website to find the information they are interested in. You can also create business accounts on apps such as Instagram for no cost at all.Additionally, blogs could be aimed at influencers as they can read all about what your company does on your blog to gain an insight into your brand’s values. Your blog could also be aimed at customers as they are likely to be interested in the products/ services you offer and so would probably like to read about it in more detail.The age of your audience has an impact on the tools and channels that can be used for social media. For example a younger audience would respond to more mobile websites and apps such as Instagram and Twitter. Whereas the older generation would most likely read blogs or use Facebook.

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