A team is of paramount importance as it

A common sense of purpose within a team is of paramount importance as it unites individuals and can extend capabilities within the team. A common sense of purpose has a wide spectrum of benefits which come together which make the team more motivated to succeed both as an individual and as a team. A common purpose also provides individuals with context within which they can then understand their role in the team and how their contribution plays a part, and how the team works collaboratively to achieve a common goal rather than taking a path they feel is beneficial to them however, it may be at the expense of other individual’s tasks within the team. A common vision and strategy is also of paramount importance, this ensures the team is working together and is efficient rather than everyone working on their own accord.

Therefore, it is important for the team to be working towards a common goal. Another advantage of having sense of purpose is that it ensures individuals are motivated and engaged to achieve set goals. During my time on ACLC these points were highlighted. Within the more complex tasks it was vital that the team had a common goal and a strategy in order to succeed, if there wasn’t one, individuals would

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