A where personality clashes with managers and

A conflict arises when a salesperson sells a car without guarantee of the car is in good condition and the customer purchases the car and the car breaks down and is angry and wants a full refund. It affects the power of balance because the customer felt deceived and unhappy from the salesman who wasn’t promising and truthful. The salesman didn’t provide any guarantee warranty for the customer and that caused the conflict. Another factor where an employee receives a negative feedback and it makes the employee irritated because they aren’t supposed to receive bad reviews to receive the goals they want to achieve. It affects the balance of power because the individual will not receive pay raises or promotions and that’s when the conflict arises because it makes the employee angry and will show unacceptable attitude in the workplace and leads to arguments with the person who is in charge.A factor where personality clashes with managers and subordinates cause conflicts to emerge.

The employees feel pushed around and bullied by more authorities and managers.It affects the power of balance because they will feel the lack of guidance from managers that they supposed to receive. The managers being too strict with setting high standard goals that are too ambitious for the employees and that will lead to failure and conflicts.

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