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A dynamic capital showcase is a catalyst for undertaking improvements in any national as it offers openings for the neighborhood and outside speculators to possess offers in companies.Polakoff (1981) defines the capital market as a market for financial asset other than money of near monies. Such a market is often quite properly called an exchange. This is because the essential function of the exchange is to facilitate the purchase and sale, or exchange of long term claims or securities. Thus the capital market is the network of the facilities that provides for the transfer of long term claims and funds.

In relation to the Zambian capital market, it is presently 23 years since the stock trade, the Lusaka Stock Exchange was set up. The arrangement of LUSE was portion of the government broader financial changes to invigorate an energetic private division as the motor for financial development in Zambia, the thought was assist propelled by the require to extend budgetary capital markets in bolster of the rising private segment in Zambia, it is empowering to note that the Lusaka Stock Exchange advertise capitalization has developed to 63 billion with more than I trillion issued corporate bonds in the last 20 years and this has led to the economic performance of this country. The capital market has created vital mediation to make strides execution, extend the scope of its operation so that it can be a more self-supporting private division association in a competitive commerce environment.

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The Zambian capital market advertise has fortified capital assembly to meet long terms speculation crave of Zambians and worldwide financial specialists. Moving absent from being a commonly possessed association to a speculator possessed corporation, engage recorded companies to comply with the free float rate and making introduction to regulating financial specialists to get their desires as this would progress essentially the fluid levels of the capital advertise in this manner getting to be more alluring.Free float speaks to the parcel of the offers of a company that are in hands of the open speculators and not bolted in by promotors, company offices, controlling intrigued speculations as well as the government.The Lusaka Stock Trade has intensified the showcasing of the capital market since it has pulled in more players and has reinforced its liquidity. Corporate bodies has well been educated around the benefits of taking an interest on the capital showcase since it cost less to raise speculation capital and this has improved the economic way of how corporate bodies react towards capital markets. Treasury bills and government bonds have expanded which is the reflection of solid financial specialists certainly in the Zambian economy.

The operation of the capital advertise in an economy advances competition in see of the truth that not sufficient assets exists to meet the needs of each unit. This competition leads to two shapes of effectiveness specifically: allocation and operational efficiencies. Allocation efficiency comes about as the capital advertise apportions assets or reserves to borrowers that give the finest return given the hazards included and which bring the most money related benefits. This in turn makes riches for the economy in common (Polakoff, 1981).A capital market provides a vital means of mobilizing resources from surplus units and allocating the resources to deficit units for investments purposes. Consequently, an efficient execution of these functions by the Capital market enhances the economy’s growth and income.

Capital market runs two critical functions. Firstly, it provides a primary market in which shares or securities offered for the first time are traded. Secondly it offers a secondary market in which securities that are already in issue can be re-traded so as to meet other liquidity needs of investors


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