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A first year university student has the choice to live on campus or in private accommodation . Living on campus involves living in a room on the premises of the university usually with a roommate. Whereas living in private accommodation normally entails living in an apartment which is normally quite a distance from the university. It is essential for students to make the right choice in terms of residence as it will have a major impact on their lives. This essay will compare and contrast the lives of university students living on campus and students living in private accommodation.

Students who choose to live on campus can access university facilities such as the library and computers easily. Consequently , these students can do their assignments without having to pay anything. Living on campus is a immensely convenient option because you are centrally located to your campus (Eaton, 2014). However, off campus students are at a disadvantage since they have to pay for transportation to the university in order to make use of university facilities. This could result in late assignment submissions and an increase in university dropouts.

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Privacy is usually a predicament within campus residences as students from different backgrounds and different personalities are bound to live in one room. Students who are used to having their own room will find it difficult to adjust having a roommate, therefore conflict arises. Consequently, affected students could lose focus and start slacking off academically. Nonetheless, conflict of that nature will not arise in private accommodation. “In general, apartments are much quieter than dorms, where the steady sounds of partying or merely boisterous neighbours waft through the walls” (Burrel, 2018, p. 1). Students whom are introverts normally prefer to stay alone therefore they will choose accommodation situated in a calm and quiet area.

Students are often awarded bursaries or study loans that pay for their tuition and accommodation fees. The meals for on campus students are paid for by their bursaries, therefore it is not necessary for them to spend money on groceries. However, if a student lives off campus he or she will not receive meal allowance. “Dining hall cuisine may have its detractors, but at least someone is providing three feasts a day” (Burrel, 2018, p. 1). Although campus food might not be tasty, on campus students does not face the difficulty of going to bed hungry like most off campus students do.

The allocated residence managers create strict rules and hire staff to enforce those rules. Students who stay on campus are expected to adhere to those rules, however if any student does not follow the rules set out for them he or she will have to face to face the consequences of not doing so. In contrast, students staying on their own are free to do as they please as there is nobody to keep tabs on them. “Your place, your rules! When you move off campus you get to set your own boundaries” (Eaton, 2014, p. 1) . Off campus students has an enormous amount of freedom which could affect them negatively as they might go out partying all the time and not studying.


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