A high school. As a link crew leader

A leadership experience in which I have positively others was being a Link Crew leader for two years at my high school. As a link crew leader it was a year long process to make sure we had success with our freshmen to help them make positive decisions throughout their high school career. We first had a high school orientation to build a friendship with the freshmen, and we then used that information to help incoming freshmen be successful in high school. We also did check ups on our freshman throughout the year where we supported their academic success and character development through classroom visits. We also had social follow ups with our freshmen to connect with them outside the classroom at social events to engage more with them, and advocate a more positive school atmosphere. Our goal was to provide our school with a place in which students could make connections with each other, thus making our school secure and reduce bullying.

Through this program, we taught freshmen how to be successful in high school and how to get ready for their future. Being a Link Crew leader for two years I noticed freshmen had a greater increase in attendance, less discipline referrals and enhanced their academic performance at school. As a link crew leader at my high school I also had to keep up with my grades to stay in and also had to be a positive example to freshmen throughout my high school career. This experience really helped me build my confidence to speak in front of many people. It also taught me how to be a better leader for future students at California high school and help them make good decisions and not make bad choices throughout their high school career so they can make amazing memories at California High School.

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