A the customer is aged as 60

A new campaignfor senior citizens includes all potential customers in a range of short-haulflights after analysed of TurkishAirlines marketing requirement for the campaign. Although the number of seniorpassengers is high, there was not enoughpromotion or loyalty card program forthem apart from campaigns launched before for aiming at carrying a number of senior passengers in domestic.  Theobjectives of the new campaign arementioned below. ·        Increasing our current passenger’s satisfaction and loyalty·        Gaining new customer·        Extending revenue on flights with low-loadfactor·        Reaching the potential customers who arerelated to target market by word of mouth·        Making a positive public opinion aboutTurkish Airlines worldwide which  will enhance TK’s brand value The creativeprocess for the campaign introduced a newloyalty card system for only senior passengers. The purpose of launching new card increase target segment’s satisfaction.

It will also expand awareness of TurkishAirlines worldwide.  It will be new FFPcard in airline sector as named MilesSenior Platinium Card. This FFPprogramme gives up to 50% discount on selected domestic and internationalflights.

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The customer easily accessespriority boarding even the customer buy his/her ticket from economy class.Customer will be welcomed from special attendant if they request assistanceservice in advance. Special discount for seniors is arranged for airport transferservices in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and some capitals in Europe. Local touristguide at selected destinations can be organised in advance many of destinationwhere Turkish Airlines has an operation.Special discount at selected hotels under the company agreement for seniors. Special discount at city centre baggage check-in service at selecteddestinations.

The conditions and amendments of these services are mentioned abovewill publish each month from Miles Senior Platinium Card website. Call-center service isgiven to customers in 24 hours all over the World. Current miles and smilescards will be combined with Miles Platinium Card without paying anyfee when the customer is aged as 60 yearsold. Advertisement workscan available on newspaper, radios, billboards, public transportation, Skylifemagazines and other business magazines Tk’s website and social media. The executionplan of the campaign is the likely requiredbudget.

Costs comprise of advertisement costs, card expenses, extra ground crewand equipment for assistance and unforeseenexpenses. Cost distributiontable is given on the right side. The maincost is advertisement cost. Even if the totalcost is almost 2.01 million dollar forthis campaign Turkish Airlines advertisementbudget was almost 180 million dollar in 2016.  The campaign’smain revenue generator element that is senior platinum card fee is 9$ per year.5% of senior targeted at the beginning ofthe campaign.

Expected revenue will be5.400.000$ at least each year.  In conclusion, 13.618.619 senior passenger flew byTurkish airlines in 2016. However, this number slightly decreased in 2017 as7.546.

848.  With this campaign, the companyaims to provide special statute for seniors all over the World and gains more seniorsfrom the market. The campaign has many benefitsthat apparently generate revenue regarding initial investment cost is very low bycomparison with the total advertisement budget in 2016 and increase apositive public opinion on Turkish Airlines and enhanceTK’s brand value.


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