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A Long time ago in a galaxy far far away…..when we hear these words we know it’s going to come next tonight I’m going to talk to you about my favorite film star wars why on earth am I talking about snarf ponies as a kid star wars got me interested in so many different things without the influence of Star Wars I would have no interest in science the amazing advances and fantastical technologies of the movies just drew my eye immediately and really got me thinking about science that’s really cool we can do these things without the influence of Star Wars I wouldn’t have met many of my friends most of my friends I have right now are still people i know from middle school in high school and they all share the love of Star Wars done without the influence of Star Wars I would not have met my wife she was friends with these people she lives out of town and when she moved back where I live that’s how I met her because she was in a Star Wars club with those friends once i’m worried about Star Wars Star Wars presents a story and a universe that’s full of literary and scientific relevance the trials of Luke Skywalker that he faces when he’s trying to save the galaxy are very reminiscent of a literary term known as the hero’s journey King Arthur goes to the hero’s journey Moses in the Bible goes to the hero’s journey the Titan Prometheus in Greek mythology goes to the hero’s journey this ideal storyline resonates with all of us really and makes us feel what a journey is for that here the science of Star Wars has inspired modern technologies we see these today NASA’s working on ion engines much like you’d see in the TIE fighters and x-wings that’s the sort of technology we could use to get to other planets the future in the 1980’s Ronald Reagan divides the Strategic Defense Initiative codenamed Star Wars this was a plan to protect us from missiles launched by the Soviets the holographic technology used the r2d2 used to deliver his message from Princess Leia if you saw last year’s coachella event they did with that with Tupac he was that hologram projected like you would have seen in Star Wars advancements in prosthetics have almost reached Star Wars potential with Luke Skywalker’s and replacement recently scientists have developed a way for the senses you feel in your hand to be actually sent through arm to your body it’s just simply amazing and of course who wouldn’t want to read one of these watching Star Wars has taught me several different important life lessons no no matter how evil you face not a single a single person can change any evil they face in their life even if you’re just some kid from a backwater city or a backwater planet you can make the positive force for change in your own life you can always rely on your friends for help we wanted this their Star Wars console is captured his friends come and they save him in real life you can count on your friends your good friends in time of need you can count on the dark side is an easy path to follow so you should resist the urges it’s not always easy to tell right from wrong but we can all we all know that the easy way is usually the wrong link and finally always let the Wookiee would so tonight we took a little journey into the effect Star Wars has on my life and really on everyone’s life because the technologies and advancements we see that are inspired scientists who have seen Star Wars or Star Trek for thanks and went to that we see that in our lives and I cut this every day so remember the force will be with you


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