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A massive part of communicating involves face to face meetings and therefore means the way that you put yourself across with, not only your tone of voice, but also body language is extremely important. Thus, meaning that when dealing with sensitive cases, the tone of voice you use and body language you express should be taken into consideration greatly. You should make sure that you’re empathetic and that you consider the words in which you emphasise when trying to draw the listener’s attention.

It is important to make sure you make a conscious effort to control your body language and tone of voice when speaking because body language portrays subconscious messages when communicating and can sometimes mislay the wrong impression. Examples of good body language would be making sure you make sufficient amount of eye contact, correct gestures if necessary and making sure facial expressions are appropriate. As for tone of voice, a lot of the time people don’t remember what we say as such but more how we say it and that’s why using the correct tone of voice is important within the business environment to stop any misinterpretations.

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