‘A text. First person narrative from Josephine

‘A passenger on a road journey is in the hands of a driver; a reader embarking on a book’s journey is in the hands of a narrator’. The novel ‘ Looking for Alibrandi’ composed by Melina Marchetta tells us a story of a young 17 year old girl with an Italian descent living in Australia. Josephine Alibrandi struggles to accept her culture, abandonment by her father and her displacement at an all girls wealthy high school. The author uses the voice of Josephine as the narrator of the novel making it first person. It allows us to clearly see her transition throughout the various events happening in the story.

Melina Marchetta utilises an array of literary techniques, quotes and themes to convey an understanding of what the novel is about. The novel includes techniques such as foreshadowing, paradox and imperative language. These techniques help to create the reader’s understanding of the text.First person narrative from Josephine Alibrandi’s perspective shows the reader the use of foreshadowing as she takes us on a journey through her last year of high school. Melina Marchetta

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