a is freed from a cave and come

a Philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from a cave and come to understand that the shadows on the wall do Not sum up to the reality at all, as he can now perceive the true form of reality rather than the mere shadow seen on the wall by the prisoners. Plato went ahead to explain that people are sort of sitting in their comfort zone(cave) their whole lives in ignorance facing away from the light, seeing shadows pass through the cave and never really know what they are while a philosopher is someone who stands and recognizes that the changes in light are actually the true action outside the cave.

The allegory of cave tests our knowledge/ perception on what is true. We are all locked in a cave where only shadows of truth are projected and most of us are very far away from breaking out of the cave and discover truth of the world and of ourselves. Most of us prefer to stick with the general idea and social norms that we have been thought from childhood because of the majority consensus.

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Unfortunately, thinking like this often leads to a life missed opportunities and mediocrity because we did not realize how much more of reality actually exists outside. However, some people have dared to step out from the shadow reality, not because they are better than everyone else or that they have escapes the cave but simply because they have decided to step out from their comfort zone, face th


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