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A post-mortem examination is referred to a medical examination on a dead body, also known as autopsy. The examination will be done either on the external condition of the body or diagnosis of organs and tissues of the deceased, by the responsible doctor. D.

Marinescu (2014) mentions that it is a normal medical procedure involving diagnosis of tissues and organs of the body after death, in order to clarify the cause and the manner of death. In this report, the significance of post-mortem examinations on human and animal will be discussed. Human post-mortems are conducted by doctors that are known as a pathologist while animal post-mortems are performed by veterinarian.

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For human post-mortem examination, the examination will only be performed if there is a request by a coroner or a hospital doctor. Coroner will request for post-mortem if the death is suspicious or cannot be explained without further examination. Hospital doctors usually request to conduct the post-mortem for scientific research or to gain better understanding on certain diseases that caused the death. Post-mortem also performed as learning tool for medical students. Which means, there are two different types of post-mortem examination for humans which are medico-legal post-mortem examination and clinical post-mortem examination.


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