A not occur until after the birth of

A process that occurs every month for females and lasts around 5-7 days of bleeding.

The menstrual cycle starts around the ages of 12-16 and is continuous for most of the woman’s life until around the ages of 45-55 when a process called menopause stops the menstruation cycle. Most girls experience systems before their period like tender breasts, cramps, headaches and ovulation. This continues throughout the period and sometimes after wards as well.The period occurs due to the lining in the uterus breaking down. After the period the lining slowing grows back again and the egg matures in one of the ovaries, day 19-28 of the period cycle ovulation occurs where the egg Is released and travels towards the uterus, once released there are two different routes that could occur, the first is if the egg is not fertilized with a sperm during this time the lining will start to break down and the cycle repeats or the second is where the egg is fertilized with a sperm cell the egg will attach itself to the lining that’s when the woman becomes pregnant and the menstrual cycle will not occur until after the birth of the baby.

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