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A social worker and counselorare two great helping professions which seek to aid individuals with problemsthey may face at some point in their lives.

 However the social worker is set apart by theperson in environment perspective (PIE).  The worker not only helps individuals to dealwith their problems they offer ways and solutions of how to deal with them.  They assistance in any way possible and willmake important referrals.  The socialwork profession is geared towards helping individual, families, groups andcommunities to enhance and uplift their well-being. Social Workers are changeagents.  They promote social and economicjustice, collect and assess information, identify issues, problems, needsresources and assets, and engage clients in an appropriate workingrelationship.  Every social worker mustabide and follow the NASW core values and ethical principles.

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 Service, social justice, and dignity are someof the characteristics of a social worker.  The worth of a person is important to humanrelationship, integrity and competence.  Thesecore values must be maintained by social workers.  Social is set apart from other professionsbecause of its body of knowledge, its values and ethics and the person inenvironment (PIE).

  The person inenvironment perspective looks at how the environment affects the person and howthe person affects the environment. Some professions are based on changing theperson, others the environment. However social work is directed to theconnection between the person and the environment. There are five themes whichcapture the character of social work: a commitment to social betterment, a goalto enhance social functioning, an action orientation, an appreciation for humandiversity and a versatile perspective.

 Thesocial workers primary goal is help people in need and to address socialproblems.  A social worker is most timesconsidered to be counselor because they address people’s social problems byhelping them or attempt to change the condition causing their problem.  Social workers may play several roles andovertime develop competency in them.  Someof these roles are administrator, advocate, broker, case manager, educator,facilitator, initiator, mediator and researcher.  A counselor helps an individual to overcome ordeal with a specific problem or certain issues they may face. Social workersnot only help but give valid solutions and make possible referrals. Within thecounseling profession there are face to face interactions where guidance orassistance is given in resolving personal or psychological problems.

  While the social worker practices at threelevels: micro, mezzo and macro, this allows for face to face, group and alsocommunity interaction.  A counselor isalso considered to be a changed agent; they impact an individual life in someway or another.  They have the ability toself-motivate, understand people, see the passion in others and inspireclients.  Counselors will deal with pastevents and examine how those events influence current behavior.  Social workers however deal less with howclients got to be in their present situation and focus more on how to resolvecurrent issues in order to ensure future success.(www.psychologicalguide.net)


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