A Ruchit Shah Mr. Sanket Raval Internal Guide

APROJECT REPORTONCar pooling SystemSubmitted ByBaria Jamna H.(151214116029)In partial fulfillment for the award of the degreeofBACHELOR OF ENGINEERINGInInformation TechnologyAPOLLO INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERINGANDTECHNOLOGYGujarat Technological University- Ahmedabad2017-20182APOLLO INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGYINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT2017-2018CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that the Project entitled “Car poolingSystem” has been carried out by Baria Jamna H. (151214116029) under my guidance in partial fulfilment of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, 8th semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad during the academic year 2017-18.

Date:Place:Mr. Ruchit Shah Mr. Sanket Raval Internal Guide Head of the Department3AcknowledgementIt has been great honor and privilege to undergo training at Softvan Technology, Ahmedabad.

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We are very much thankful to Mr.Nimesh manek for providing all facilities and support to meet our project requirements.We would like to take opportunity to express our humble gratitude to Mr.

Nimesh manek, under whom we executed this project. His constant guidance and willingness to share his vast knowledge made us understand this project and its manifestations in great depths and helped us to complete the assigned tasks.We are highly thankful to our project internal guide Prof. Ruchit Shah, whose invaluable guidance helped us understands the project better.There may be many who remain unacknowledged in this humble note of gratitude, there are none who remain unappreciated.- BariaJamna h.

(151214116029)45AbstractCar-pooling refers to any kind of portal which involves sharing cars and car journeys. It is a practice that has several benefits, both economic and ecological. In Suderbyn one car is shared by the community. This reduces costs for everyone, limits car usage and increases the efficiency when it is used. The ecovillage’s car-pooling arrangement is made possible by a simple administration performed by one of the inhabitants.

This car-pool system enjoys many advantages due to it being part of a community. Since there is a daily basis of dialogue between the inhabitants there is seldom a problem that the car is being used when someone else needs it. In fact, when a person needs the car he or she always tells the others, which often results in combined travels or performing tasks for each other, such as buying goods or posting letters. Another advantage for the car-pool in Suderbyn is the fact that there is generally only one travel destination, Visby, which is the only major town on the island. This makes it very easy to combine efforts and to offer free rides for the inhabitants, i.

e. to optimise the use of the car.6List of tableTable No.Table NamePage No.6.2.1Login Admin326.2.2User registration336.2.3Driver registration336.2.4Car type346.2.5State346.2.5City346.2.6Area356.2.7Location356.2.8Allocate car366.2.9Request366.2.10Share car3610.1.9Table content of bmc707List of figerFigure No.Figure NamePage No.4.2.3Incremental Process model164.2.4Task management176.1.1Usecase diagram206.1.2Activity diagram216.1.3Admin216.1.4User226.1.5Driver236.1.6E-R diagram256.1.7Dataflow diagram256.1.8Context276.1.9Level 1-Admin286.1.10Level 1-User296.1.11Level 1-Driver306.1.12Class diagram307.1.1Aeiou sheet397.1.2Ideation canvas407.1.3Product development canvas417.1.4Empathy mapping canvas427.2.1PPR 1437.2.2PPR 2447.2.3PPR 3457.2.4PPR 4469.1Admin page609.1.1Login page609.1.2Manage user619.1.3Manage driver619.1.4Manage feedback629.1.5Driver registration629.1.6Manage car639.1.7User home page639.1.8User registrationpage649.1.10Bmc canvas648LIST OF SYMBOL, ABBREVIATIONS AND NOMENCLATURE9NOMENCLATURE SYMBOL10LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS11List of ContentChapter no.TitlePage no.Self-DeclarationIAcknowledgementIiAbstractIiiList of tablesIvList of figuresVList of symbole,abbreviations and NomenclatureViTable of contentViiChapter 114Project profile14Chapter 2162.1Organization profile162.1.1Our vision172.1.2Service172.1.3Contect17Chapter 318Introduction183.1Project summery183.1.1Aim and objective of project183.1.2Scope183.1.3Problem specification193.1.4Technical and literateracher review193.1.5Hardware requerment203.1.6Plan of your work21Chapter422Software project management224.1Feasibility study224.1.1Technical feasibility234.1.2Operational feasibility234.1.3Scheduling feasibility244.1.4Project planning and scheduling244.1.5Project scheduling244.1.6Project development Approch254.1.7Increment processmodel25124.1.8Test management254.1.9Justification264.1.10Risk management264.1.11Risk identification274.1.12Risk analysis274.1.13Risk planning27Chapter 5285.1Current system study285.1.2User characterisctics285.1.3Functional requerment285.1.4Hardware ; software requierment295.1.5Reliability requirement295.1.6Safty ; security consideration30Chapter 6316.1System Architecture design316.1.1Usecase diagram316.1.2Activity diagram316.1.3Activity of admin316.1.4Activity of user326.1.5Activity of driver336.1.5E-R diagram346.1.6Dataflow diagram356.1.8Level 1 admin366.1.9Level 1 user376.1.10Level 1 driver386.1.11Class diagram396.2Data dictionary406.2.1Login admin416.2.2Login user426.2.3Login driver436.2.4Car type446.2.5State456.2.6City456.2.7Area456.2.8Location466.2.9Allocate car466.2.10Request car476.2.11Share car47Chapter 7Appendix1527.1Design canvas5313


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