A etc. And Non-aromatic like piperidine, pyrrolidine, etc.

A PROJECT REPORT SEPTEMBER Submitted to: Submitted by:Dr. Praveen kumar sharma Manisha kumari M.Sc Chemistry Group: G1702 Introduction:Heterocyclic compounds are those compounds which having one or more atoms In place of carbon atom in a cyclic carbon ring.

Other than carbon atom are called as heteroatoms like nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur. In heterocyclic compounds, mostly heterocycles are having five or six membered carbon ring with one or more heteroatoms. Heterocyclic compounds are having both Aromatic and non-aromatic nature.

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Aromatic heterocyclic compounds like furan, pyrrole, pyridine, etc. And Non-aromatic like piperidine, pyrrolidine, etc. There are many uses and applications of heterocycle derivatives in different fields like in medicines and drugs, agriculture and foods, polymers, electronic devices etc. Heterocyclic compounds plays very important role as pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals, as well as in the synthesis of organic compounds.

In medicinal chemistry many drugs for example: antipyrine, chlorthalidone, penicillin, etc. Are heterocyclic compounds. Indigo which is a natural dye extricated from plants having a nitrogen based heterocycle. 1 similarly, vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxol) are the essential diet ingredients those contain a heterocyclic ring.

Polymers like melamine formaldehyde resin is a heterocyclic compound which is useful for making tableware, adhesives etc.The present review is on the importance of heterocyclic compounds in pharmaceutical, polymer chemistry and electronic devices. In pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry: In-vitro antimicrobial activity: In-Vitro studies are deal with using the components of an organism by isolated from the normal living surroundings like cells, microorganisms.

While antimicrobial substances are those which are useful in killing or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.Pelin Koparir et al.2 Synthesize the novel aminophosphinic acids containing 1,3-thiazole and cyclobutane. The antimicrobial activities were performed against bacteria stains called staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and pseudomonan aeruginosa. Anti-inflammatory: Those drugs which are useful for reducing swelling or inflammation and preventing from the development of redness.

for example, aspirin, phenyl butazone, indomethacin etc. These drugs affects the central nervous system to block pain signaling to the pain.DongYu et al. 3 Anti-inflammatory effect six compounds which are isolated from Nauclea officinalis Pierrc ex Pitard (Chinese healing herb). X=Oxygen, 5 3?-H; R1=?-COOH Y= OH 6 1 3?-H;R1=H , 4 3?-H;R1=H X=Oxygen, 2 3?-H, 3 3?-HStrictosamide is act as most essential anti-inflammatory agent as compare to other five alkaloids compounds. Chinese healing herb which is also known as danmu, is used for treating fever, pink eyes etc.Anti-neoplastics: Those drugs which are useful to control or kill neoplastic cells or we can say useful to kill cancer cells.

The oestrongenic compounds like dimestrol, diethyl stilbestrol, etc. are effective in treatment of breast cancers. While, azaserine an antibiotic used in the treatment of leukemia and actinomysin-D used for treating wilms tumor. Jing- Yi lee et al. 4Preparation of palladium(II) complexes with amidate, tridentate ligands of NHC and pyridine donor segment by using novel series of imidazolium salts.

During the testing of anticancer activity of these molecules, they found that one of the novel isomeric palladium nNHC having anticancer properties which can be used for the treatment of human ovarian cancer. X=Nitrogen(N), R = H, 3-OMe, 4-F In Polymers: Everything around us are called as polymer like clothes, rubber, Plastics etc. Polymer are prepared by connecting the subunits or monomers.

Where, monomers are structural units. Polymers are macromolecules which can be natural or synthetic in nature. For example, Polyethylene, Buna-N etc. 5There are some polymer which are heterocyclic compounds and having vinylene linkage .Those polymer having electronic properties. G.

C. Berry et al. 6 Preparation of a BBB polymer which is a heterocyclic compound. They investigate about its properties. After the interpretation of various data they conclude that BBB polymer having flexible nature in a diluted solution.

While, in case of solid state strongly linked complex formation takes place which shows some properties of a highly crossed linked polymer. X=Nitrogen Fig:BBB PolymerKenichi Oyaizu et al. 7 Synthesis of heterocyclic ladder compound by connecting Phenoxathiinium type of monomers or building group.

In this o-methylsulfinylated phenol act as a precursor. So, this polymer containing sulfonio linkage. Because of the presence of methyl sulfonio bridging group there will be interaction happens between p-?/d-? and benzene ring. Therefore, delocalization of ? electrons will be happen. X=Oxygen Fig: Phenoxathiinium building blockIn electronic devices:Makafui Gasonoo et al.8 synthesis of heterocycle having 9,9-Diarylfluorenes by using superacid-Promoted method.

Generally, compounds which contain ?-system usually used in electronic devices. 9,9-Diaryfluorenes exist as an important class of aromatic compounds and useful in electroluminescent devices. References:1) Pragi Arora*1, Varun Arora 1, H.S. Lamba 2 and Deepak Wadhwa 3 2) Pelin Koparir,1 Muhsin Karaarslan,2 Cahit Orek,3 and Metin Koparir33) DongYu Lia,b,c, JiaQuan Chenc, JiQing Yed, XiaoTing Zhaia,b,c, Jie Songa,b, CuiHua Jianga,e,4) Jing-Yi Lee, Jhen-Yi Lee, Yuan-Yu Chang, Ching-Han Hu,Nancy M. Wang,and Hon Man Lee 5) Bryan M.

Wong* and Joseph G. Cordaro6) G. C. BERRY and S. P.

YEN 7) Kenichi Oyaizu, Takefumi Mikami, Fumio Mitsuhashi, and Eishun Tsuchida*, 8) Makafui Gasnoo, Akinari Sumita, Kenneth N. Boblak, Kristen Giuffre, Tomohiko Ohwada,


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