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A Review Report On Digital Business Submitted for the examination of MCA Semester 5 for the subject of Digital Technology Trends Gujarat Technological University Academic Year 2018 19 Student Name-Jalu Jaydev (175223693046) Student Name-Parmar Dhaval (175223693027) Guide(Prof. Seema Trivedi) Marwadi Education Foundations Group of Institutions (MEFGI) Rajkot-Morbi Road, At PO Gauridad, Rajkot 360 003.

Gujarat. India. Faculty of Computer Applications (FCA) This is to certify that the work entitled Digital Business Submitted for the examination of MCA Semester 5 for the subject of Digital Technology Trends is a result of the bonafide work carried out by Student Name-Jalu Jaydev (175223693021) Student Name-Parmar Dhaval (175223693027) during the academic year 2018 2019 Faculty GuideHODDean External Viva Name of the ExaminersSignature with Date DECLARATION I / We hereby declare that this review report work entitled Digital Business is a record done by me. I also declare that the matter embodied in this project is genuine work done by me and has not been submitted whether to this University or to any other University / Institute for the fulfillment of the requirement of any course of study. Place Date Student Name-Jalu Jaydev (175223693046) Signature Student Name-Parmar Dhaval (175223693027) Signature CONTENTS Topic noParticularsPage No.1.

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Abstract/Information 1.1 Abstract2. Study 2.

1 What is digital business model 2.2 Literature review 2.3 Opportunities 2.3.1 Online reputation management 2.3.2 Local SEO/local listings 2.3.

3 Social media engagement 2.4 MarketOpportunity 2.5 The 10 Digital Business Models 2.5.1 Direct Sales 2.

5.2 Connections 2.5.3 Targeted Messaging 2.6 Digital business infrastructure components 2.

7 Different Traditional and Digital Marketing 3.Methodology 3.1 End-to-End Customer Process 3.2 Digital Ecosystem 3.3 Digital Products and Services 3.4 Digital Skills 3.5 Data Architecture and Data Value Chain 3.

6 Digital Technology Architecture4.Analysis 4.1 Profile of the Online Buyers 4.2 E-commerce is subdivided into three-categories 4.

2.1 B2B Product Industry Examples 4.2.2 B2B Service Industry Examples 4.2.

3 B2C Product Industry Examples 4.3 challenges 4.4 Digital transformation poses five challenges to businesses of all sizes 4.4.1 Leadership 4.4.2 Customer Experience 4.

4.3 Employee and Supplier Engagement 4.4.4 Increased Competition 4.

4.5 Talent War 4.5 Examples of Digital Business Transformation 4.5.1 McDonalds 4.5.

2 Under Armour 5.Future scope6.Conclusion and Suggestions 6.1 Conclusion 6.

2 Suggestion7. References Abstract/Information Abstract Computerized business is the production of new business plans by obscuring the advanced and physical universes. It guarantees to introduce an uncommon union of individuals, business and things that disturb existing plans of action – even those conceived of the Internet and e-business periods. What makes the advanced business unique in relation to e-business is the nearness and coordination of things, associated and clever, with individuals and business. This could be the fuse of more prominent insight and sensors into stream flying machine motors to enhance traveler fly execution and to diminish the requirement for flying machine upkeep.

In retail, advanced business could include giving retail mold clients a world with consistent joining between the computerized and physical that mixes the limits between the two. For instance, a client would enter a retail clothing store, an attempt on a coat, and the store frameworks would know this had happened. They would then extend a picture of the purchaser on a screen with the coat on and propose a few frill or options that would run well with the new garments, all the time mulling over any value limits set by the client during the time spent talking about their buys. Marketing using electronic media such as the web, e-mail, interactive TV, IPTV, and wireless media in conjunction with digital data about customers characteristics behaviors. A digital business is one that uses technology as an advantage in its internal and external operations. Information technology has changed the infrastructure and operation of businesses from the time the Internet became widely available to businesses and individuals.

This transformation has profoundly changed the way businesses conduct their day-to-day operations. This has maximized the benefits of data assets and technology-focused initiatives. This digital transformation has had a profound impact on businesses accelerating business activities and processes to fully leverage opportunities in a strategic way. A digital business takes advantage of this fully so to not be disrupted and to thrive in this era. C-Level staff needs to help their organizations seize opportunities while mitigating risks.1 Study 2.

1 What is digital business model Business model literature finds its roots in many well-established research branches such as strategic management, information systems, and innovation and technology management (Zott et al.,2011). These fields look at the business model concept through different lenses. The literature has proposed different conceptualizations, reflecting an a priori disagreement of what a business model should actually represent.2 2.2 Literature review Most of the scholars have defined Marketing as aninnovative practice adopted by the business organisations in order to execute the study of a customer in reference to- What do customers want How can this be produced What will be the sound pricing of this need satisfying bundle Which place will be convenient for both seller and buyer How is the satisfaction released from the merchandise sold Coviello, Milley, and Marcolin defines e-Marketing as Using the internet and other interactive technologies to create and mediate dialogue between the firm and identified customers, different researchers have pointed out the Digital Marketing and expansion of Online Banking Services in different horizons, while at the same time the expansion of both is parallel and simultaneous.For the analysis of cost structure related with the Traditional and Electronic expenditure, we have taken implementation techniques of ABC (Activity Based Costing). The study concludes that the used and implementation of Digital Marketing provides companies an edge over the expenditure which appears as the additional revenue for the company.

It is also evident from the study that the appropriate decrease in the transaction cost for companies after electronic channels was relatively higher than that of the traditional channels. Siam (2006) found the profitability of Jordanian banks was affected by the Electronic Banking services, the study tried to investigate the reasons behind the provision of Electronic Banking Services through the internet and their impact on Banking Services as a whole. 2.3 Opportunities Supported by an expanded online client base and cell phone infiltration, Indian e-trade has seen great development in the most recent couple of years. Considering Indias statistic profit and rising web availability, the division is slated to scale more noteworthy statures. In spite of the fact that, Indias general retail opportunity is generous, the division is assailed with some genuine difficulties. We take into the present e-trade scene and the parts key drivers and difficulties. Here are three of the biggest challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs need to know about in 2017 2.

3.1 Online reputation management Online reputation management can be tricky for businesses, as many companies arent even sure how to get started. Even if companies believe that theyve got a handle on their reviews, Googles autocompleted function could be filled with negative terms that are a huge blow to potential customers. Compounding this challenge is the fact that online reputation management has been fraught with black-hat hacker tactics for years, making it difficult to know exactly what a startup founder should do. 2.3.2 Local SEO/local listings The world of SEO is constantly changing, especially when it comes to local listings, Google maps, and mobile optimization. Local citations are a key component of ranking algorithms in google.

But its not enough to just claim your listing. You also need to identify and clean up duplicate listings that could be causing confusion among your customer base, and ensure all your listing information is up to date. 2.3.3 Social media engagement Thanks to the faster internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices, live video-streaming is predicted to be one of the most popular social media tactics for 2017. If your business is brand new, however, knowing where to get started — or even where to build an engaged audience on social media — can be a challenge.4 2.

4 MarketOpportunity To illustrate the immensity of the opportunity for digital business, consider thatin 2009, there were 0.9 billion products incorporating an Internet of Things (IoT) design where astandard object has had some technological component added to it to enhance it through an exchange of information. An example is a smartphone application that automatically tracks a persons activity levels and communicates data with the person or another remote interface. In that same year, there were 1.

6 billion personal communication devices.5 2.5 The 10 Digital Business Models group into three major categories 2.5.1 Direct Sales There are five discreet business models which involve selling something to a consumer or business 2.

5.1.1 Product – You can, obviously, offer a physical item, however, one part of direct item deals that have mushroomed in the computerized world is the utilization of outsider commercial centers by vast retailers, for example, Amazon or Walmart. Walmart, for instance, enables a large number of little organizations to list their items on Walmart.com.

In the event that a purchaser buys an item, Walmart takes the installment, yet by and large, the posting organization is in charge of transportation it. Amazon additionally gives warehousing and sending/taking care of administrations to some of their outsider shippers. There is another item edge In the advanced world, there is the extra choice that the item can likewise be something consumable completely through the computerized channel, for example, a video-on-request acquired and gushed by means of iTunes or a Kindle digital book. Service- Many administrations can be sold on the web.

At the least complex level, you can basically enable a client to arrange an administration online to be satisfied by means of conventional disconnected administrations, for example, utilizing a web reservation framework to make and even pay for a back rub arrangement. Be that as it may, advanced has likewise empowered an extensive variety of charge for-benefit models, where the administrations are conveyed altogether by means of the web. Sometimes, the administrations are totally computerized. Turbotax gives impose preparing, GoDaddy will set up your site, and PayPal will deal with exchanges by means of computerized adjusting. In different cases, advanced can be a conveyance channel for by and by conveyed administrations, for example, web-based coaching, counseling or treatment. 2.5.1.

3 Subscription- Items, administrations or different sorts of access, benefits or rebates can be sold by means of membership. Evident disconnected cases of memberships are magazine and daily paper memberships, however, there are additionally a lot of exemplary membership models outside of media. One illustration is AAA, an administration which gives vehicle towing and travels guide for a yearly membership expense. Satellite TV and cell phone benefit are extra cases of membership offerings. Subscription services have exploded as a digital business model with a wide range of offerings in a few key categories Entertainment- Netflix, Hulu, Audible, Rhapsody or Pandora. Business Media Access- Hoovers.com for data or Forrester for analyst reports.

Discounts / Loyalty- Amazon Prime or GNC gold. Product Fulfillment- Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club orBirchbox. Software as a Service- Salesforce.com or Microsoft 360. Fundraising- Disconnected cash raising for philanthropies, new companies or different sorts of ventures has been around for centuries. The advanced world has enormously expanded findability and straightforwardness around every one of these sorts of chances. Destinations like GoFundme and Kickstarter have profited for investable ventures simpler for both those looking for subsidizing and those giving it, by advancing the open doors and furthermore by dealing with the money related exchanges. Similarly, in the beneficent giving space, locales like charitynavigator.org empower providers to channel and hunt (and rate) philanthropies and promptly influence a commitment to those they to discover engaging.

Gather and Resell Data- Assembling and exchanging of information about customers has been the space of organizations like Experian for a considerable length of time, while Nielsen and Arbitron have measured purchaser media utilization and exchanged that information since the early years of TV and radio. In any case, on the grounds that computerized action is so effectively trackable, it has made entirely new open doors for organizations to exchange the information they gather. Organizations like Alexa and Compete.com assemble information about perusing conduct from program toolbars and total and exchange that information for an assortment of purposes. Likewise, numerous vast retailers offer information about client perusing designs on their destinations either specifically or in a roundabout way back to item makers, so they can comprehend which focused items clients are contrasting with their own items and what the buy result has a tendency to be. 2.5.2 Connections The second category of business models involves a few different ways of connecting together people who might potentially do business, but not necessarily providing the actual goods or services yourself.

There are two key varieties Broker Transactions- This is probably the hottest growing business model of the digital world. Uber and Airbnb both connect buyers and sellers (of rides and rental properties), they handle the financial transaction, but they leave it to the parties to actually deliver the results.

This model turned Uber into the worlds largest taxi service without their ever having to purchase a vehicle or hire a driver. eBay and StubHub are in the same business, just different categories. Groupon also does the same thing, finding those interested in a companys offered product or service, taking the cash, and then leaving it to the Groupon lister to fulfill the promise of the offer. Sell Leads or Referrals- Digital properties who sell leads are similar to the Brokering Transactions category in that they connect buyers and sellers. Esurance, for example, markets for those looking to buy insurance and allows them to search and browse a menu of different options based on their needs. Bankrate.com does the same for mortgages. Cars.

com is similar in that their primary business model is getting users to request a quote from multiple car dealers for the vehicle they wish to purpose. In all of these cases, the business model involves selling the lead. A car dealer pays Cars.com for a valid lead whether or not that customer ultimately buys a car from that dealer. Cars.com doesnt sell the product (like Amazon would) or take the money for the transaction (like Groupon would) they simply get paid for sending the customer and their details to a potential seller. 2.

5.3 Targeted Messaging The last category is messagingsites that make money by creating awareness of things a user can buy elsewhere. There are three categories. Advertising or Sponsorship- Banner ads and sponsored search results are the coins of the realm on the internet, and by 2016 digital advertising became the largest segment of advertising, with advertisers spending more in digital than on TV advertising for the first time.

A key to the success of digital advertising is the ability to target ads based on a users profile or current needs. This is why over 70 of all internet advertising is on Google or Facebook both of these sites offer advertising platforms that are highly targeted as well as of a massive scale. Because so many users tune out certain types of advertising, sponsorship can also be an effective form of digital advertising, including site takeovers and allowing video content to play ad-free but sponsored by a prominently credited brand. Directory- The internets biggest success story is a directoryGoogle, where sites pay to be listed more prominently than they otherwise might be. But there are tens of thousands of directoriesranging from craigslist for classifieds, Angies List for recommended contractors, to cosmetics finders, to tools to find doctors, lawyers or other professionals. Yelp and TripAdvisor are also part of this model with have advanced revenue models in which sites may charge a variety of fees in the form of listing fee to be in a directory, or to have an enhanced listing, or may even use the affiliate/referral model.

Marketing- The last category is one of the most common modelsdigital properties whose purpose is to simply promote something else, often another channel. A site like Accenture.com or SAP.com promotes the company without selling anything directly or making money by selling any kind of advertising to others. In other cases, sites may also utilize another model but marketing may still be a critical part of the business model mix. For example, Nickelodeon.com has limited advertising however, its primary value is that it promotes Nickelodeons channel and shows to kids so that they tune into the shows on television and ask their parents to purchase merchandise associated with Nick characters.

6 2.6 Digital business infrastructure components Fig. 4 its products or services with a group of people.Communication is bidirectional. The customer also can ask queries or make suggestions about the business products and servicesThe medium of communication is generally phone calls, letters, and Emails. The medium of communication is mostly through social media websites, chat, and Email.Campaigning takes more time for designing, preparing, and launching.

There is always a fast way to develop an online campaign and carry out changes along its development. With digital tools, campaigning is easier It is carried out for a specific audience throughout from generating campaign ideas up to selling a product or a service. The content is available for general public. It is then made to reach the specific audience by employing search engine techniques. Methodology Advanced Business Engineering is a model-driven and strategy based change approach for the computerized age. Organizations advantage from our technique since it gives direction and structure in a moderately unexplored field of activity and in light of the fact that user involvement in application enters ceaselessly into promote the improvement of strategies. With our Digital Business Engineering, we bolster you at all levels deliberately in the realignment as far as digitization, in the adjustment of your procedures and obviously in the specialized usage at the framework level.

End-to-End Customer Process With techniques such as Customer Journeys and the Multi-Channel analysis, we assist in the analysis, modeling, and description of the customer process from the development of a certain product or service need up to postprocessing. Digital Ecosystem In a large portion of the cases, the conclusion to-end client process cant be upheld by a solitary organization yet by a few organizations framing a biological community. Our systems of system examination empower the recognizable proof and investigation of the players in the biological community and their collaboration. Digital Products and Services Many service offerings in the digital age accumulate physical products and/or classical services around digital services. Others in turn base on digital platforms.

On their basis, different software services are developed which in turn enable an individualized offer. Digital Skills Reference models for Digital Capabilities serve as a blueprint to close the skills gaps in both technical and information technology regard. Profile of the Online Buyers Data Architecture and Data Value Chain Digital business models are based on data that unlike in the past are from different internal and external sources, are different in nature, occur in different volumes and frequencies and are of varying quality. Techniques of data management architecture will help in the creation of data maps for digital use cases. In addition, companies need to identify the data value chain, analyze and model in terms of end-to-end customer process.

Digital Technology Architecture In support of the digital business model, we combine existing Business Application Systems (e. g. ERP, CRM, MES) with new technologies (eg. in-memory databases, Big Data software, mobile applications) on the basis of our digital system architectures.

Analysis SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Fig.3.1 Business investigator. A business investigator (BA) is somebody who examines an association or business area (genuine or speculative) and records its business or procedures or frameworks, surveying the plan of action or its reconciliation with innovation.7 4.

1Profile of the Online Buyers CategoryNumber Of RespondentsPercentage Of RespondentsGenderMale7070Female3030Total100100AgeBelow 18 Year171719 – 30 Years252531 – 45 Years3333Above 45 Years2525Total100100ProfessionalHousewife1111Employee5050Business2323Students88Any Other88Total100100 Digital marketing has a greater future in the present market. Consumers are satisfied through purchasing digital marketing. People find it a safe mode of online purchase. The ratio of male customers is very high in online shopping that is 70. Awareness about online shopping is 100 among the respondents.

Income of respondents mainly falls in the range of Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 20,000 that is 49. Employees of various companies are purchasing more than others through online shopping that is 50. Most numbers of respondents that are 38 feel that online shopping have simple buying procedures others feel that they can have a broad variety of products, products with lower price, a variety mode of payments etc.46 of the respondents purchase the products 2 to 5 times annually. 54 of respondents feel that the availability of online information about Product Services is outstanding. 46 of the respondents purchase the products 2 to 5 times annually.

8 4.2 E-commerce is subdivided into three-categories Business to Business or B 2 B Business to Consumer or B 2 C Consumer to Consumer C 2 C 4.2.

1 B2B Product Industry Examples 3M Markets a Bluetooth-Connected Digital Stethoscope Airbus Uses Production 3D Printing Extensively in Its A350 XWB Aircraft AstraZeneca and Adherium Collaborate on Smart Inhalers 4.2.2 B2B Service Industry Examples 1. FedEx SenseAware Tracks Location and Condition of a Package Through Its Journey 2. General Insurance Issues IoT Open Innovation Call and Makes an Acquisition 3. Munich Re-Insurance Sponsors Internet of Things Startup Accelerator B2C Product Industry Examples Audi Connect Easy Delivery Delivering E-Commerce Package to a Cars Trunk Babolat Play Connected Tennis Racquet Lets Players Analyze Their Game 3. Coca-Cola Freestyle Vending Machines Let Customers Mix Their Own Flavors 6 Fig.

4 We should observe some intriguing certainties to give you a thought of how and where the world is heading the extent that digitization is concerned. The Digital India Campaign began by PM Narendra Modi goes for urging every Indian to utilize computerized stages. Minimal effort of cell phones is making it simple for individuals to go on the web.

Indeed, India has one of the biggest populace of web clients. By 2020 there will be more than 500 million Internet clients the nation over. The 3G entrance has changed the market situation and made sufficient business open doors for organizations to connect with clients on the web. It is evaluated that by the year 2020, each organization around the globe will have an online nearness. Be that as it may, keeping in mind the end goal to get high web crawler rankings and increment client base, these organizations will require advanced advertisers to direct them at each progression. As indicated by a report Digital Advertising in India, together with distributed by IAMAI and IMRB, the estimation of Internet Advertising market in India is expanding at the rate of 30 year on year.

The e-commerce industry is growing at breakneck speed. More than 70 of marketers believe that traditional marketing models will not be sufficient to grow their business. They are developing marketing strategies by considering the digital media users in mind. As of the year 2016, 35 of companies already have a digital marketing strategy in place. They believe that this move will help them increase their revenues by 30. Challenges In the advanced age, innovation and business pioneers are running into a particular execution challenge – spanning the social gap that isolates the altogether different sorts of experts who are staffed on a run of the mill venture. The venture has never worked with the uber-architect, or the outline advancement business triumvirate. It has never had item supervisors either.

For some, the assignment of bringing it through and through is an unsolved issue. As would be normal, organizations are swinging to a part that has generally been capable of adapting new abilities, and straddling variously unmistakable, even adversarial, societies that of the business examiner. Digital transformation poses five challenges to businesses of all sizes 4.4.1 Leadership The C-Suite must lead the organization through the process of digital transformation by adopting a digital mindset. The executive team will need to rethink their business and operating models to foster cross-channel connectivity and continuous engagement with customers, suppliers, employees, and investors.

They can set the tone by collaborating with managers on designing an organization-wide digital strategy while encouraging ongoing innovation. Organizations need to pursue innovation to disrupt their own business model (before the competition does) and maintain their competitive advantage. 4.4.2 Customer Experience We have discussed the proliferation of digital channels and devices as drivers of change.

They provide consumers with a new power real-time access to competitive pricing information and product reviews, and an open venue to interact with others and share information. Social and mobile access to data and information that they previously relied on from brands has fundamentally transformed the customer experience and engagement with businesses, and with each other. Employee and Supplier Engagement Change doesnt end with the customer. With transparency as a core value of the digital culture, businesses need to drive collaborative and cross-channel engagement with their suppliers and partners. They need to feel communicated in a timely manner. Furthermore, employees are now communicating up and down the hierarchy, breaking down barriers between these groups and the functional silo.

The employees role has expanded to that of a grand champion as well as a contributor to product innovation. Increased Competition The result is the emergence of superbrands, such as Tesco, Apple or Nike that transcend multiple industries and national boundaries. Apple is in the music, phone, TV and computer businesses. Their brand advocates engage and upsell the Apple community to new applications and products across their product line, maintaining their loyalty and competitive advantage.

Nike began selling shoes now is a global sports company, selling clothing, equipment, and fitness. The opportunity to horizontally expand, trading on its global super brand, immediately opens opportunities and establishes traction in a new vertical that would difficult for another company to penetrate so quickly. Talent War Fully 90 of all jobs in 2015 will require information and communication technology skills, according to research by Capgemini. Yet more than half the companies polled lacked social media skills. Furthermore, it is projected that there is a need for for1.5 million digital marketers with analytical skills and digital media savvy in both the US and the UK by 2018. This gap will generate an intense war for talent both on the managerial and technical levels. Organizations need to recruit for the future with jobs skills that they have not considered to meet forthcoming changes in the digital marketplace.

Though these are often the most prevalent challenges cited by organizations going through a digital transformation, countless others exist. To meet the manifold challenges posed by digital transformation, individuals and organizations have the confidence and commitment to make digital integration a strategic imperative.9 Examples of Digital Business Transformation 4.5.1 McDonalds McDonalds has perceived a huge move in shopper conduct and they are attempting to adjust by carefully changing their eatery experience and friends forms. For instance, they started introducing booths where clients can rapidly redo their ground sirloin sandwiches. They were one of the principal organizations to embrace Apple Pay versatile pay and they are known to reliably seek new businesses for new inventive arrangements, for example, an organization that inserts sensors into paper, and so forth. McDonalds keeps on concentrating on coordinating innovations so they can be sprier, test and community oriented.

4.5.2 Under Armour Under Armor needed to end up noticeably considerably more than an athletic attire organization when they presented associated wellness a stage to track, investigate and share individual wellbeing information appropriate to clients telephones. They obtained a few innovation based wellness organizations like MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, and European wellness application Endomondo for 715 million. These organizations furnished UA with the innovation and an expansive client database expected to get their wellness application up and running.

This new application gives a surge of data to UA and that empowers them to instantly recognize wellness and well-being patterns. For instance, Under Armor, which is situated in Baltimore, could promptly perceive a mobile pattern that began in Australia. This enabled them to convey limited advertising and circulation endeavors route before their rivals recognized what was occurring. Associated Fitness has additionally made a client encounter that is customized to every individual shopper. The normal pursuing shoe separates 400 miles and running with worn shoes expands the odds of damage. Under Armor tells their clients when they have to keep running more than 400 miles and after that, they offer the client new items in light of their conduct and by history. This idea has been connected to other UA items like climbing boots. Under Armor intends to proceed with their mission for growing new advancements.

10 Future scope The future extent of the computerized advertising industry will be controlled by thoughts and improvements that require the consistent interworking of mediums. Its that basic. Traditional media going anywhere (though there are some real concerns about the future of print). But television and radio are safe and thriving. There no shortage of brands who have advertising dollars earmarked for tv and radio. The fate of computerized advertising in India The future extent of the Digital Marketing industry is that there will be more purposes for contact. I envision a future where publicizing like the one we see on Times Square will happen in all urban communities around the globe through the advancement of electronic ink innovation.

While all other industries are struggling with a growth rate of 5 to 10 , the digital media industry is booming high with a 40 growth rate. But the most remarkable point is that this growth rate is not going to be stagnant in the coming years. Extension for advanced advertisers in India will just improve in the years to come. You may want to know with reference to why is this so and in certainty there is nothing incorrectly in exploring something before you jump into it. This is the reason we have done an exploration and have thought of a few statistical data points that will enable you to choose the value of advanced showcasing before it is past the point of no return. While customary methods for showcasing rise, and fall with rising patterns, advances and developing customer conduct, while conventional promoting mediums are attempting to develop at 11-14 percent/year, Digital Marketing is hinting at no backing off, as of now developing at a yearly CAGR of 40 percent Discussing development, as organizations are progressively getting to be plainly online in India, Digital Marketing is balanced for a brighter future. Let us look at some of the key aspects encompassing the growth curve and scope of Digital Marketing in India – India is experiencing a catastrophic growth in the number of mobile users, it still comprises only 16 percent of the countrys total population with access to the internet. Moreover, it is estimated that Indias internet users will soon leave behind the US to become the worlds largest web base, after China.

As consumers become more aware and connected with the world of things around them, from shopping to entertainment to news and social interaction, consumers are transforming fast and now being exposed to information almost instantly. To follow suit with the new breed of digital consumers, even brands have tailored their advertising, promotion, interaction and engagement strategies to meet the needs, wants and expectations of their customers. another important reason which has contributed to the growth of digital marketing in India is the start-up culture which has grown into an ecosystem wanting to promote and market themselves with the most cost-effective strategies. As general techniques like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) continue to rule the roost, marketing strategies for startups as well as businesses in India will rely on these fundamental ingredients of Digital Marketing to gain customers and grow.

The rise of social media is another crucial trend which has been one of the most persistent media for Digital Marketing around the world. From Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and YouTube, both brands and marketers have started creating and publishing personalized content, stories and entertainment channels as a huge part of their marketing strategy. Currently, India is the 2nd largest user of Facebook and YouTube in the world and if this trend is to be believed, conventional marketing mediums like T.V. and Print will soon give way to Digital Marketing as the ace of spades in every brands pack of marketing cards. Additionally, the phenomenal rise of Digital Media has also paved the way for educational courses and internet marketing schools which are enabling working professionals, entrepreneurs, and individual beginners to leverage the digital power and boost their professional path in the Digital Marketing domain in India.

The future of marketing is moving from traditional mediums to digital ones rapidly for a simple yet essential reason The cost of customer acquisition, cost of impression, cost of customer reach in Digital Marketing is significantly lesser than conventional mediums such as TV, Radio, Banners, and Print. Thanks to the flexibility to create, optimize and promote the content on multiple platforms such as mobile, desktop and personal computers, Digital Marketing has emerged as a more economical and powerful medium for brand promotion.8 Conclusion and Suggestions Conclusion Digital marketing has to turn out to be a crucial part of the approach of many companies. At the present time, still, for tiny business proprietor at hand have an extremely inexpensive and competent method by using digital marketing to market their products or services in the society. It has no restrictions. The company can utilize any devices such as tablets, smartphones, TV, laptops, media, social media, e-mail and a lot other to support the company and its products and services. Digital marketing may achieve something more if it considers consumer desires a peak priority.

Suggestion 1) Improve technical advancement in the promotion of digital marketing. 2) Collect and implement the feedback provided by the consumer in the right way. 3) Provide a transparent and good service to the consumer before and after purchase. 4) Creating awareness among the people about digital marketing. 5) Complete description needs to provide about the product to the online shoppers.11 References 1 HYPERLINK http//www.carmichaelcentre.

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businesswire.com/news/home/20040506005236/en/Indiana-Future-Fund-Invests-Local-Venture-Capital http//www.businesswire.com/news/home/20040506005236/en/Indiana-Future-Fund-Invests-Local-Venture-Capital 11https//jchps.

com/issues/Volume209_Issue204/jchps209(4)204620Deekshith202059-2062.pdf hR-b5H3i)KKLR6xFOTCqKJRHRL qAdyLgffw-vw,bbbaZCgqjQA(DRiH8_jA2FDT A9/YJh8)wA5.q Ivad.2bfM,PbyAxSIg.ULIH90cS26cOLb4egY4JqHu,4.

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