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A satisfying cover letter is one that is mark down by keeping employer in mind. Employers receive many cover letters that are filled with the information from applicants on what a internship can help them but in reality employers do not care what the internship is going to do for you, but they want what we can do for the company. Lets see the steps we can improve in our cover letter toensure that a job application we are applying will “stand out from the pile”:- Catch attention of the reader: Many cover letters are thrown in rubbish because of weak writing skills in it. Find some representative cover letters on internet which shows step-by-step method of writing a strong cover letter. For example, the format can be heading, then saluation, opening paragraph, second paragraph (mention why you are perfect for the company), third paragraph (mention why company is perfect for you), closing paragraph, formal closing. By using this method, itmakes your cover letter more pleasant and logical which helps to get noticed by the reader.- Error-free cover letter: it is very that cover letter and resume containing no mistakes since spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes are not acceptable.

If there is a fault in cover letter, then no matterhow qualified you are, the chances of getting call for an interview will be reduced or very less. Always take time to write an successful cover letter to raise the possibility of getting engage or at least getting a call for an interview.

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