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A Spoonful of E-ntertainmentLia Alexandra Castillo”The waves of changes propel advancement” – Zoltan AndrejkovicsPlaying mobile games are the epitome of relaxing or having a siesta! Although, who would have dared to make your pastime a tournament? In this generation, it is not a shocker to see headlines such as “PUBG Mobile Star Challenge esports event will give out $600000” or “Fortnite just kicked off its $10M fall tournament” considering electronic sports (eSports) take place all over the world.Reminiscence of the HistoryThe first known video game competition started way back in October 19, 1972 for the game Spacewar. Stanford held the “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics” whose grand prize was a year’s subsrcription for Rolling Stone—an American magazine which coverages popular cultures.

The winner for “The-Five-Man-Free-For-All Tournament” and the “Team Competition” are Bruce Baumgart and Tovar and Robert E. Maas respectively.Between 1982-1984, an American show televised an eSports event called Starcade with a total of 133 episodes wherein contestants would attempt to defeat each other’s high score on an arcade game. The biggest eSports tournament in the 1990s include the 1990 Nintendo World Championships and 1994 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo PowerFest ’94).

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eSports grew immensely during the 2010s in both prize money and viewership. Tournaments such as the World Cyber Games, the Intel Extreme Masters and Major League Gaming. Nintendo hosted Wii Games Summer 2010. Spanning over a month, the tournament had over a whopping number of 400,000 participants, eventually making it the most expensive and largest tournament in the company’s history.One of a Kind GameRiot Games’ League of Legends, Valve Corporation’s Dota 2 and Moonton’s Mobile Legends: Bang has one main objective—to demolish the enemy’s base.

Pretty straightforward right? Last August, the “Conquerors Manila League of Legends” was held at Mall of Asia with a total of prize money of $250,000 whilst The International 2018 for Dota 2 was held at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada with a total prize money of $25,532,177 and the SanShogun Events Managements hosted the tournament for Mobile Legends at SM Batangas City with a total prize money of PHP9,500.Crown of the BridgetinesAdmit it—as teenagers—you cannot deny the pleasant and sometimes daunting feeling of playing different mobile games. Ranjil Mauleon, Joseph Ronn Gabriel Bonus, Florence Alan Magpile, Victor Jonathan Catapang all from 9-Serenity, Kendrick Uriel Mercado from 9-Amity and Bianca Dominique De Torres from 9-Creativity showed their willingness to fight as a team called GGSS (Galing na Galing Sa Sarili) in the tournament as they work their way up to the finals and attained 2nd Place hosted by SanShogun Events Managements, receiving prize money worth PHP2,000.”Just for fun” said Ronn Bonus, when asked what the motive was for part taking in the tournament last August 26-27, but for old-time player Kendrick Mercado—who participated in the tournament for 2 years—joining the tournament was for “more experience” for his teammates.


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