A much talk, and saucy. She had also

A woman patient aged 29 years, she was single, with her parents, suggested by a psychiatrist for dental implantation and prosthetic rehabilitation for her edentulous state. Progressed psychiatric symptoms after family issues. A psychiatric consultation was researched earlier and she was under therapy for the past 6 years. When she came to the mental health clinic, she shows with cardinal symptoms of schizophrenia such as auditory delirium, the delusion of reference, the delusion of oppression, obsessive?compulsive lineaments of frequent bathing, and over and over doing same jobs. She had a confused attitude such as uncovering off her clothes in public places, wandering attitude, restlessness, too much talk, and saucy.

She had also tried to suicide more than once. These odd attitudes compelled the parents to get her to the present psychiatrist. Her family history has not any other psychiatric illness. While the course of therapy, her mood and ideas turned on and off. Like instance being she urged on tooth deposition and menaced to do suicide if not compelled. She claimed that she has been ordered by several sounds to go for removal of teeth and was also deceived that her mouth was infested with worms.

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while this time, she went many dentists, more than 10 dental surgeons, and had 7or 8 healthy top teeth removed first, by compelling the dentist despite emphasis by the dentist that her teeth were good. After 6 months, she had all her teeth extracted. After removing the upper teeth, she attempted having dentures but she refused to wear and fling it away. Also, she had another somatic delusion. She thought her nose was being drawn inside and sinking. Her psychologist gave her antipsychotic drugs.

After all, she is getting best and symptoms are under dominance by treating but still she is under counselling for the denture or dental implantation.


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