Abdurazak all the source and the information

Abdurazak HassenDelisa MaddenEnglish 0900February 19, 2018Google Making Us StupidAccording to the easy of “Is Google Making Us Stupid” Nicholas Carr talked about what the internet is doing to our brains. According to the article people in these days are losing an ability to read and think strictly. Because of this, we spend more time using the internet rather than reading actual books which has pure information. One quote I like about this article is “The ultimate search engine is something as smart as people or smarter.” I totally agree with the Nicholas Carr’s discussion provided by the easy “Google making us stupid.

” I think the internet is playing games in our brain and we have a great connection to the equipment we use. For example, before I move to the United States I used to read books all the time because there is no internet available in our area. But now, it is different all the source and the information is my fingertip. I can easily search for the Net anything that I am about read or write. This is because we are becoming less intelligent and laziness caused by the internet.

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For now, I have had time reading actual books I rather go online and skim through the article. The conclusion of the article is quite simple the web has changed the way we read.


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