Abstract greater than 200 × 106/mL, and ejaculate

AbstractAim of this work: The purpose of this study is to evaluate how the low-level laser irradiation affects the human sperm motility, the effect of Laser light on the motility and the velocity of human spermatozoa were measured by means of multiple exposure photography. Methods: 50 semen samples were chosen from men of infertility; all the volunteers were of age of 25-32-year. Semen samples were stored in formalin-saline for evaluation of concentration and sperm morphology, sperm concentration greater than 200 × 106/mL, and ejaculate volume greater than 5.0 ml.

Samples were divided into five groups: a control group without laser irradiation, the four samples group were irradiated by an aluminum gallium indium phosphide laser diode with a wavelength of 910 nm, with 10, 12,14,18,20 min respectively, all samples were subjected for analysis using computer-assisted sperm analyzer.Results: It was noticed that and after each dose of laser irradiation, sperm velocity was increased. Conclusion: Increasing of sperm velocity was due to Laser light stimulates non-motile live spermatozoa. Keywords: Laser, Human sperm, motility, fertilization

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