Abstract merek yang kuat di dunia. Namun, dengan

Garuda Indonesia as one of world most leading airlines, with the capacity of one of the strongest brand in the world. However, with the very intense competition between competitors in international flights airlines, brand has an important role in customers’ purchase intention. Therefore. Garuda Indonesia needs a strong brand equity strategy to increase customer’s purchase intention for both its international and domestic flights. To understand such condition, this research aims to examine the strategy ‘5 Quick Wins’ used by Garuda Indonesia to ensure its growth and its correlation to brand equity.

Keywords: Garuda Indonesia, Strategic management, brand equity

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Garuda Indonesia sebagai salah satu maskapai penerbangan terkemuka dengan kemampuan menjadi salah satu merek yang kuat di dunia. Namun, dengan kompetisi yang semakin ketat antar maskapai penerbangan internasional, merek berperan penting dalam menentukan purchase intention pelanggan, baik domestic maupun internasional. Untuk memperdalam pengertian didalam hal tersebut, penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisa penggunaan strategy ‘5 Quick Wins’ yang digunakan oleh Garuda Indonesia untuk menjamin pertumbuhannya dengan korelasi kepada minat pelanggan.

Kata Kunci: Garuda Indonesia, Stratejik manajemen, minat pelanggan

I. Introduction
Humans are by nature driven to keep on developing and grow themselves. The idea of growing and developing usually validate when they are able to finish another level task, or accomplish something. In either, the process would push someone to be able to gain or achieve their expected result. This process of planning and executing the desired outcome would be called as strategy (“Strategy,” 2018).
By keeping in mind the end goal/point to accomplish any objectives, each individual or association needs to have values or basic principle and clear reasoning, in that sense one would be able to plan a strategy. Strategy itself has an exacting definition as a high level plan to accomplish at least one objectives under states of vulnerability. Strategy is required in everything in corporate issues, as well as, in actuality, and fundamentally all that we do throughout everyday life. Numerous thinkers have their sort of view of what strategy is really implies. One of them, Kenneth Andrews he defined corporate strategy as the example of choices in an organization that decides and uncovers its targets, purposes, or objectives, creates the important approaches and plans for accomplishing those objectives, and characterizes the scope of business the organization is to seek after, the sort of financial and human association it is or expects to be, and the idea of the monetary and non-monetary commitment it means to make to its investors, representatives, clients, and groups (Nickols, 2016).
Without strategic management, a business will never be continuing in any case. It is basic to comprehend and locate the best strategy to recognize what organization/individual/association ought to do to accomplish the most advantage. It likewise encourages the organization to recognize future open doors in the market and foresee how the future market will be, so the organization can influence the strategy to contend in future to advertise. By understanding strategic management, the organization can consummately comprehend what the means to do in each basic leadership. To make a business runs well, organization should know precisely how to advertise their item and how to design a showcasing strategy that can achieve the organization’s target which is picking up benefit (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, ; Strickland, 2016).
A state-owned company, Garuda Indonesia is a noteworthy universal and household aircraft that has been the lead of Indonesia’s aviation routes for over forty years. It is the biggest aircraft in Southeast Asia and one of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, conveying more than 16,000 traveler day by day to a growing rundown of 16 residential and 28 universal goals. Through backups, for example, Merpati Nusantara Airlines, PT Aero Catering, PT Satriavi Tours and Travel, and Aerowisata Hotels, Garuda has broadened its venture into carrier nourishment administrations, facilities, and tourism (“GARUDA INDONESIA – Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on GARUDA INDONESIA,” 2018).
In spite of the fact that Indonesia announced itself a free republic in 1945, the country kept on battling with the Dutch until 1949. In October 1948, without further ado before world acknowledgment of Indonesia’s autonomy, Garuda started modestly when a group of Indonesian Air Force officers bought a solitary DC-3 Dakota from Singapore. The aircraft propelled its lady flight from Calcutta to Rangoon in January 1949. Named for a legendary Indonesian feathered creature who spares a lady from death, Garuda was accused by the administration of cultivating the country’s monetary development (“Garuda Indonesia SuccessStory,” n.d.).
Development of an efficient air travel industry in Indonesia was crucial because of the country’s unique geographic situation. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, stretching for more than 3,100 miles and comprising a series of more than 17,508 Southeast Asian islands, including Bali and Java. Nearly 6,000 of the islands are inhabited by a diverse ethnic population totaling over 170 million, and Garuda has acted as a domestic air link for the nation. In addition, Garuda’s establishment of international flight routes has been partly responsible for the developing the national tourism industry since the 1980s, when Indonesia began turning its focus away from the petroleum trade after the oil glut of that decade and sought to cultivate tourism as an alternative means of income (“Garuda Indonesia SuccessStory,” n.d.).
In this condition, Garuda Indonesia has proven themselves throughout these years to become one of the best airlines not only domestically but also in the international level. This paper aims to breakdown the success looking from the angle of the customer. Brand equity will be the main component of the analysis.

II. Company Profile
PT Garuda Indonesia is a leading airline in Indonesia, offering scheduled passenger and cargo services to various domestic and international destinations across the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East region. The airline’s vision is to give each customer the best possible travel experience, from the time they choose to fly with Garuda to when they arrive at their ultimate destination. Garuda Indonesia is continually refining its products and services in the air and on the ground not only to fulfill its customers’ expectations but anticipate how their expectations will change in the future.
Garuda Indonesia vision is to be a sustainable airline company through customer-oriented services and growth in profit. Which is pursued through Garuda Indonesia’s mission that aim to be as maximize shareholder return through strong revenue growth, cost leadership in full service operations, and group synergy while providing the highest value to customers through excellent Indonesian hospitality
Right now, Garuda Indonesia is resenting a new level of service excellence in air travel, Garuda Indonesia, the national airline of Indonesia, seamlessly connects 83 destinations worldwide, including exotic locations in the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia all at once.
Since October 30, 2007, Garuda Indonesia has formulated a set of corporate values known as FLY-HI, which is the acronym of eFficient & effective; Loyalty; customer centricitY; Honesty & openness and Integrity(“PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Business and Work Ethics,” 2015). This has for years become one of the most effective work ethics and culture for Garuda Indonesia’s employees. And now, with more than 600 daily flights and a fleet of 196 aircrafts by January 2017, Garuda Indonesia proudly serves its passengers with the award-winning distinct service “Garuda Indonesia Experience”, which highlights Indonesia’s warm hospitality and rich diverse culture (“About Garuda Indonesia,” 2017).
To provide better and more convenient services, Garuda Indonesia continuously strives through its ongoing transformation program. The progress of the transformation can be seen from the achievement of a Skytrax’s 5-star Airline rating as well as the winning of the prestigious “The World’s Best Cabin Crew” for four consecutive years in 2014 to 2017, “The World’s Most Loved Airline 2016” and “Best Economy Class” award in 2013, also from Skytrax (Garuda Indonesia, 2017).


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